On The Horizon: Counting Down To MAWC2018 In Miami

We are less than one month away until UnFranchise Owners take over the city of Miami at MAWC2018.

On February 1, the UnFranchise Community will reunite for the 2018 Market America World Conference. We know everyone is anxious to get there, but don’t worry, the wait is almost over! MAWC2018 is all about creating your new future. We are changing the way people shop by creating our own economy!

With MAWC2018 on the horizon, our team just wanted to give you a few reminders to prepare you for the event. From tickets to travel, it’s important to not overlook anything because we want to ensure that you have an amazing time at World Conference without any worries.


Have you purchased your tickets to MAWC2018? Now, we know that most UnFranchise Owners have already purchased their tickets, but there are still seats available for those still looking to attend. Buy your tickets here.

Hotel / Lodging

If you do not live in the Miami area, you will need lodging to stay overnight. We suggest to stay at the host hotel, the Hilton Miami Downtown. The host hotel is where most UnFranchise Owners at MAWC2018 will stay and it’s the home of our breakout sessions for each brand such as Motives and TLS. Click here to book online or call the hotel at (305) 374-0000. Mention Market America to receive a discounted room rate.

Breakouts And Trainings Sessions

Besides the arena presentations, the breakout and training sessions are just as important for business building. These smaller sessions are perfect for networking and asking questions to the experts. The Shopping Annuity, TLS, Motives, Conquer, WebCenters, and more brands will have breakout sessions so as we get closer to February, we will release the schedule. For information on the training sessions, click here.


Unless you live in the area, besides a hotel, you will probably need a flight to Miami and a rental car to get around. Use SHOP Travel to find great deals that will allow you to convert spending into earning and fund your Shopping Annuity.

As we get closer to MAWC2018, this blog, BeingJRRidinger, and the UnFranchise Blog will release more information regarding the presentation schedule, breakouts, social media channels to follow, and general updates.

See you in Miami!




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