Hosting A Motives Professional Overview

When is the last time you hosted a Motives Professional Overview? Hear from one of our Beauty Advisors Maleeva about how she has re-vamped her Motives Professional Overview into a monthly beauty party that focuses on our product of the month.

Hear from Maleeva Epperson as she shares the success of the Motives Professional Overview program.

Using The Movies POM As Your Party Focus

At the beginning of the year, my friend and partner Brittany Witcher reached out with the idea of putting a spin on the Motives Professional Overview. I was excited because it was something I had started a while ago but let it fall by the wayside.  The idea was to turn the Motives Professional Overview into a monthly “Beauty Club”! We wanted to create a fun environment, leveraging the Motives products of the month. We could invite our current customers, prospects, and business partners to get hands-on with the products and learn application tips.  The reason we use the Motives POM as a theme is to keep it simple.  Lisa, Leigh, and Motives corporate do an incredible job of creating content and releasing beautiful promo images every month. Why recreate the wheel?  By using the POM as a theme, we’re able to help our customers focus on 1 or 2 products without getting overwhelmed. Also, we have a reason to keep plugging them in month after month since the theme changes.  This helps us expand on their current knowledge of product and application but also gives them a reason to invite their friends! ABC pattern in motion.
We also love our Motives Beauty Club because it has allowed different teams from the area to come together and leverage their time, and other people’s knowledge, to help build the business.  A rising tide raises all ships.

The Setup

Every 3rd Monday of the month from 7-9pm we host at a spa in the area that has graciously donated their space.  We keep the same location because it is a central point for our partners/customers, but also to build a following.  There is a laptop and tv set up to show the slides from the Motives Professional Overview powerpoint to give an introduction to the beauty industry and our brand. We have tables set up with individual stations with our featured products for the month.  After we go through the initial overview, we show images or a video that demonstrates the use of the products we’re featuring.  The rest of the time we play. At the end we book follow-ups. So simple!

We’re only two months into our new Motives Beauty Club structure and already we have increased sales. Along with new prospects hosting events. And current Pro Artists/Partners using more product because they feel confident with their experience and application.
We love these events because it gives any UFO, regardless of industry focus, a chance to build share of customer and fund their Shopping Annuity.  Best of all, it is meant to scale!  This can easily be done in the home with a few friends or as a large collaborative event.  The choice is yours!

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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