How Do Our Shakes Compare?

With so many meal replacement shakes on the market, it is sometimes difficult to be able to choose which one to use. When looking for a shake, there are three key ingredients to pay attention to:

  1. Protein – High protein is what you should aim for, since it helps increase metabolism and keeps you fuller, longer.
  2. Fibre – A high fibre count is desirable, as it helps fill you up.
  3. Sugar – It is best to choose shakes with low amounts of sugar. When you eat sugar, your blood glucose level rises, in turn telling your body to store fat.

TLS Nutrition Shakes are meal replacements that have an optimal blend of protein (18g), fibre (10-11g), and sugar (1-2.2 g) that will help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Our shakes contain Fibersol®-2 which is a highly concentrated form of dietary fibre.

TLS Nutrition shakes are a great alternative for those with busy schedules who are tired of unhealthy meal and snack options.

Remember this: Protein and fibre at every meal make losing weight easier.

If you have never looked into high quality shakes before, then rest assure we have done the research for you. See how we compare to the top shakes across Australia;

Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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