How Groundhog Day Can Motivate You

We all know that the Groundhog Day movie has very little to do with groundhogs. The film is a commentary on the daily actions we take and how our mindsets motivate or deter us. Bill Murray as Phil Connors ends up trapped in a loop of his least favorite day of the year, the Groundhog Day Festival in Pennsylvania for which he creates an annual report.

Spoiler alert! Phil realizes that, in order to escape this endless cycle of misery, the only thing he can change is himself. The message of the film encourages you to re-think your life, one day at a time, based on the attitude you choose to have for it!


With a negative mindset you will continue to:

  • Blame external factors for your lack of success
  • Find excuses to not complete the tasks necessary for a healthy & stable life
  • Depend on the support & validation of others for motivation
  • Perceive your life as unfulfilling
  • Undermine your efforts and resort to giving up


When you’re ready to have a positive mindset, you will begin to:

  • Take initiative to schedule & complete tasks and activities that will push you forward
  • Hold yourself accountable for the tasks you do not complete, and feel a desire to complete them
  • Validate yourself & your efforts
  • Forgive yourself for the now-minor shortcomings of your goals
  • Perceive your life and yourself as fulfilling & successful
  • Empower yourself to do more!


So if you’re ready to end your ground-hog-dog-days, take the opportunity that we are at the beginning of a new month! Think about the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year and think: what step can I take next?

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