How nutraMetrix Consultants Are Unique UnFranchise Owners

This Summer, Market America introduced the University Major of the Month. The major of the month for October is nutraMetrix. Throughout the month, nutraMetrix team members will be writing guest blog posts about nutraMetrix and how UnFranchise Owners can use it to leverage their business. Below is the second post.

How nutraMetrix Consultants Are Unique UnFranchise Owners by the nutraMetrix Team

nutraMetrix® Consultants are a special type of Market America UnFranchise® Owners. nutraMetrix consultants (NCs) are committed to their continuing education, professionalism, and understanding all aspects of our cutting-edge technology. NCs are special within this company because they are required to attend an in-person, two-day certification training every two years to be eligible to partner with licensed health professionals.

NCs appreciate the business-to-business connections they create with health professionals. They also appreciate the large business volume potential that comes with these health professional practices. For these reasons, NCs believe every UnFranchise Owner (UFO) should get trained in nutraMetrix, whether they choose for it to be their primary major or not.

According to one of our nutraMetrix Trainers, and 2018 nutraMetrix Consultant of the Year, Catherine Longo, “The landscape in the health care field is changing and nutraMetrix is right there for it. Whether you want to work with health care professionals yourself or want to expand your team with individuals passionate about offering this line of products and services, it is a division you want to learn more about. Also, I believe the nutraMetrix division shows our customer base the efficacy of our products in a more scientific light. The tools available for us put together by this amazing corporate team is top notch. Just love it!!”

For many of our NC UFOs, the nutraMetrix division just makes sense based on their background and network. For instance, Lynn Briand, NC, has a background in medical sales. She has spent weeks of professional sales trainings in her former careers. Lynn says, “The nutraMetrix training is of the same standard as the [trainings] I attended years ago! The posture you will learn will be an asset to your Market America business no matter what division you specialize in.”

Sheila Samson-Powers, a fitness professional for 40 years, is an NC because, “the nutraMetrix Division allows me to share my lifelong passion for health and wellness with likeminded health professional who want to offer wellness solutions to their patients.”

Even our nutraMetrix Health Professionals love sharing nutraMetrix with other health professionals! Dr. Penni Vachon, a primary care provider, says that she “loves knowing that I can reach out to other providers in different walks of life and share information that is truly changing our patients lives every day!” And, Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli, former USDA National Program Leader for Nutrition for the US, loves “the LEVERAGE piece – working with health professionals allows me to impact hundreds/thousands of people I don’t know through their health professional. If you like helping people that will keep you up at night!”

But, you don’t need a background in healthcare to be successful with nutraMetrix. Julianne Grillo, consultant with a background in accounting and finance, says, “The posture you develop as a result of this training gives you credibility and allows the NC the ability to impact more people’s lives by implementing these wellness programs.”

If you want to experience the training these successful UFOs have attended and also change the trajectory of your UnFranchise business, visit the GMTSS for local nutraMetrix 101/201 trainings in your area.

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