How To Be An Organized Entrepreneur In 2022

An organized entrepreneur makes for a successful UnFranchise Owner. From your schedule and desk space to your kitchen and car, you should have the necessary tools and methods to maintain a neat and organized lifestyle. To improve as a UFO, learn some of these organizational tips for the new year!

Organized Entrepreneurs in 2022

Desk Organization

Establish clarity of mind in your workspace. This is necessary before you can make plans, attend events, or present your UBP. Make sure your pens have a pen-holder,  papers are filed and categorized, presentation notes are easily accessible, and device wires are untangled

organizational tips for desks

Networking Organization

Now that you’ve reconfigured your desk, you should go ahead and get yourself a calendar. Whether it’s physical or digital, you must annotate dates and times for meetings, educational opportunities, and big events. For organized entrepreneurs, a well-defined schedule is game-changing.

More than refining your scheduling, however, you should orient yourself around your business development centers, those existing, and those you are building. The best tools for you to do so are the UnFranchise Marketing App. If you’re not sure about the benefits of SHOP LIVE, watch the tutorial below!

Storage, Kitchen, & More

We can help you organize all the rooms of your house, car, and more. Every year our partner stores launch new products which facilitate your lifestyle organization. Explore them in past years’ articles:

organizational tips for cars

UnFranchise Entrepreneurship

Personalize your UnFranchise page to assist in your navigation of our products and your entrepreneurship. Learn how saving from favorite stores, optimizing social media, improving WFH tactics, and hosting weekly meetings, will make you the best UFO that you can be!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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