How To Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Once a year we get the chance to celebrate Dad. Whether it’s buying a gift, cooking a nice meal, treating our Dads to an experience, or just a plain and simple I love you. The beauty of celebrating Dad this Father’s Day is there are many ways to showcase your love. Keep reading if you want to find out multiple ways you can celebrate Dad this Father’s Day.

SHOP Local

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How to use SHOP Local:

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Partner Stores

What Dad doesn’t love top-quality meat, delivered right to your doorstep? Just in time for the hot summer months and just in time for Father’s Day. Rastelli’s is one of our OneCart stores and do they have options for you. Here are just a few of the many options you could choose from on the Rastelli’s OneCart shop on SHOP.COM:


  • Angus Ribeye
  • Antibiotic Free NY Strip
  • Beef and Chicken Sampler
  • Antibiotic Free Raw Prime
  • Sustainable Faroe Island Salmon Pack
  • Antibiotic Free Burger Pack

Gift Ideas on SHOP.COM

Lumiere De Vie Hommes

Firming Eye Serum

Help your Dad fight under-eye fatigue with this advanced treatment that temporarily tightens skin and reduces the appearance of unwanted puffiness and dark circles. The innovative applicator cools and calms skin while helping to brighten, even out the look of skin tone, and reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Give your Dad the gift of skin care with the easy-to-use Firming Eye Serum.

Hommes Ice Roller

Soothe your skin with an overall cooling treatment to help reduce the appearance of redness, puffiness, and other sensitivities. When frozen, the Lumière de Vie Hommes Ice Roller transforms into a total body relief tool.  Give your muscles a break after a hard workout or relieve tension in the neck after a stressful day at the office. Any way your Dad chooses to use it you can’t go wrong with the Lumière de Vie Hommes Ice Roller is a personal care essential.

Even More Gift Ideas on SHOP.COM

UFOs can share these Father’s Day gift ideas with their customers. The perfect gift is one click away on SHOP.COM.

No matter what you do for your Father this Father’s Day just know he’s going to love it.

DeAnna Hedgepeth

DeAnna Hedgepeth


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