How To Host A Motives Online Party

When is the last time you have hosted a Motives online party? Whether you are new to Motives or are a veteran leveraging the power of an online party, this tool is crucial for your business. Read on to see how you can easily host an online party, and how it can help you grow your business.

Steps to setting up your online party

Step 1 – Let’s get this party started. Head over to and click on the “schedule your party now” tab.

Step 2 – Choose your party theme. You can pick from six different colors: blue, green, mint, peach, pink and purple. Type your name, your party name and a message to your guests.

Step 3 –  You will pick a start date for your Motives Online Party and select the number of days you will like your party to last. You can pick from 3, 5, or 10 days. Whichever one you think would help you reach your goal will be the best fit for you!

Step 4 – Now it’s time to choose a category to be featured during your Motives Online Party. But don’t worry, your guests will still be able to purchase any product they want during the event and still get their 10% off!

Step 5 – Lastly you get to choose up to 3 of your favorite looks to show your guests. These looks will be showcased on your party’s page with the products used to get the look. Guests will be able to choose to purchase the entire look with just one click! If you selected eyes for instance as your focus category you would be able to select from the below trending eye looks created with Motives products.

Promote your online party

Now that you have your online party scheduled, just like an in-person event, you need to promote! Be sure to share about your online party on all of your social media accounts (several times). You want to create interaction with others. Ask them if they are planning on attending if there is something you can help them find to complete a look. Most importantly don’t stop promoting once the party starts. Keep the buzz going about how amazing the event is so others will want to join in. Another great way to drive traffic to your online party is through door prizes and fun games. These fun incentives will get them to join, but the amazing Motives products will get them to stay.

Follow up

Following up with those that attended your party is crucial. Maintaining that relationship with your customers even via emails and social media will create loyal customers that will last a lifetime.  Reach out and ask them how they are enjoying everything they purchased, is there anything else they have been eyeing? Or do we have any new releases that you should let them know about?

Good luck, we know your online party will rock!

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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