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How to Host a Successful Event with Pearly Koh

In today’s blog post, Motives Certified Trainer and Motives Trainer of the Year 2019 and 2020, Pearly Koh shares her secrets to hosting a successful event! Market Australia is all about gaining knowledge and passing that new information onto your team members. With the end of 2020 drawing near, its the perfect time to start planning your events for 2021!

1. How do you start the process of hosting a skincare/Motives event?

There are different types of Skincare/Motives event I have organised in the past. Some of the events include Summer Bliss, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and last week we had Pre X’mas Party which we incorporated the launching of ‘Layered’ products as well as skincare/Motives range of products.

We usually start with gathering a group of UFOs that would like to collaborate with each other, we plan the event 3 weeks in advance through a zoom meeting to discuss the details such as the theme, colour scheme, the dates and time, the sequence of the events, who is responsible of what on the day ie. Design of invitation flyer, decorations, refreshments, models, booth/station/table set up, backdrop set up, products to be featured on the specific event are all planned as well. When we get a rough plan, invitations will be issued to UFOs’ guests. In Perth, we have a team of very experienced UFOs to assist me in setting up and running Skincare/Motives event. We had a fantastic event last week for the Pre X’mas Party which in total we have retailed close to AUD $3-4K worth of products.

2. What are the must-haves to successfully host an event?

To make things simpler and more focused, I usually prefer to choose the top 10 products and encourage the UFOs to extensively promote these top 10 products.  The top 10 products will include Skincare ie. Lumiere de Vie full range with a few popular treatment products such as C-Serum and Serum Concentrate, and any new products that have been recently launched.

3. On average, how many attendees do you have?

Small events will usually have 5-6 attendees

Medium to large events 20-50 attendees

4. How have you had to change the way you do events since COVID-19?  

During the Covid-19 lockdown, because of the travelling and social distancing restrictions, our Motive/Skincare consultations events were mostly run via Zoom.  Occasionally I assisted other UFOs to provide skincare consultations and Motives make up workshop through zoom. All guests will be provided an introduction to the Motives Cosmetics brand and the different skincare products that MA carries. After the introduction of the types of products we carry, I will usually walk through with the guests or UFOs alike the practical steps of applying makeup and skincare routine.  Through many of these zoom sessions, guests and UFOs gained much knowledge, skills and through the knowledge too, it helps our team to push many more products and increase our team sales.  In some occasions, we have had more than 100 attendees on our zoom event.

5. What fears have you had to set aside to host an event? How did you overcome them? E.g. fear of public speaking etc.

I am very screen shy and not very comfortable with public speaking but through this business, MA has given me the opportunity to overcome my fear by focusing on my passion to educate others the importance of caring for our skin and self care to keep oneself looking great at all times. With that change of mindset, I started sharing in a small group and then to bigger groups in front of the computer screen or on stage.  I’m glad I have overcome many of my fears and insecurities. I still remember when I was chosen to become a Power Profile speaker for the Market Australia Convention, my senior leader Sabrina taught me to turn my fears to passion and excitement Ever since then I am more comfortable in presenting in front of crowds.

6. How much profit do you walk away with on average at the end of an event?

I always try to target each client will spend at least $150 each, my profit is $50 per guest when I run small events with 5-6 guests, there will be $250-$300 profit with sales of $750-$900 for 2-3 hours.

For bigger event of 20 guests; if each guest spent on average $150 that will yield a total of $3000 sales and profit for the day can be as much as $1000 and the great thing on top of that is the BVs acquired through the sales can be shared among the team members as well.

7. What tips do you have for others who wish to start hosting their own events?

The tips I would like to share with those who wish to host events are:

  1. Educate yourself on how the products should be used and have good product knowledge
  2. Work together with your senior partners if you are hosting an event for the 1st time so you can get help when you are stuck.
  3. Prepare or print consultation forms, price lists, etc.  Most importantly provide opportunities for your guest to touch and feel the products or even provide some samples for them to bring home.
  4. Start asking some questions to get to know guests’ skincare or make up habits and issues they have like below:
  • What is your skin care routine like?
  • Do you exfoliate your skin?
  • Do you want to improve your skin conditions?
  • ​Do you have a facial routine at home?
  • Any supplement does you take to improve your skin condition?
  • How often do you do Facial?
  • ​Ask them colour foundation they preferred?
  • ​Ask the types of makeup they usually wear?

Pearly will be hosting a skincare webinar! If you want to learn how to step up in the skincare industry, you won’t want to miss out!

If you don’t know already, knowledge is power! Apply your learnings and INCREASE your revenue, client base with SKINCARE!
Date: Wednesday 20th January 2021
Time: 10:00PM AEDT
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