How to Host A Virtual Party During the Holidays

This holiday season may look a little different this year as people have become even more accustomed to online shopping versus traditional shopping. Online shopping is far more than a mere trend, it’s quickly becoming the norm with online retail sales reaching new heights each year. For UnFranchise Owners, this is the perfect opportunity to tap into the online retail industry and collect their piece of the eCommerce pie. Continue reading to learn how you host a virtual party to build your business this holiday season.

2020 has been quite a year and now more than ever, people are seeing the value and convenience of online shopping. People have also become even more connected through social media this year. Let’s tap into that this holiday season by offering holiday shopping solutions to friends, family, and social media followers. From sharing SHOP.COM Cashback events to showing ways you’re gifting Market America exclusive products, there are multiple ways to retail through social media throughout the holidays.

One solution that you can offer is a stress-free and fun online party. Did you know that you can have online Motives Cosmetics party and Layered Trunk Show? Before everyone gets too busy during the holidays, host a virtual Motives or Layered party and raffle off a chance for guests that make a purchase to earn rewards. Not only does this introduce Motives and/or Layered to new potential customers, but you can also help the attendees find the perfect stocking stuffers and holiday gifts. Plus let’s face it, it’s way more fun to join a party when you can tune in from the comfort of your home while in your pajamas.

If you have the UnFranchise Marketing App, we will be adding virtual party assets for you to send out to your customers to let them know that you’re hosting a virtual party! That’s not all, after you send the invites to your customers, the UnFranchise Marketing App will do the follow up for you! Get notified when contacts view your content when sharing via email, text or social messaging apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct Message. 

While we only have an official set up for Layered and Motives virtual parties at this time, you aren’t limited to only these brands. You can set up a holiday VIP group to feature many of your favorite Market America products, share holiday gift guides, shopping tips, deals, offer samples, and more!


Tips to have a successful virtual party on Facebook:


  1. Set-Up: First things first, set up your Layered Trunk Show or Motives Virtual Party. Head over to and click on “create  party.” You will pick a date & time for your Layered Trunk Show and add your generated URL. After creating your trunk show you can then easily share it with your customers and their friends. You can find the landing page for your Trunk Show by clicking the buttons under the “Action” column.
  2. Move it to Facebook: Now that you’re all set up in the back office, it’s time to get social! Set up an invite-only Facebook group to host your party which will allow you to communicate directly with partygoers. Think of the Facebook group as the venue, where you will be doing all of the interactions, games, sharing product information, etc.
  3. Promote, promote, promote: Be sure to share about your event on all of your social media accounts (several times). You want to create interaction with others. Ask them if they are planning on attending if there is something you can help them find to complete a look. Most importantly don’t stop promoting once the party starts. Keep the buzz going about how amazing the event is so others will want to join in.
  4. Make it fun: Another great way to drive traffic to your online party is through door prizes and fun games. These fun incentives will get them to join, but the amazing products will get them to stay. Start with an ice breaker question such as “This or That: Necklaces or Earrings” Assign a point system for interactions. Each comment, friend added, or question asked earns a point. Place an order and earn 10 points! Then at the end of the virtual party, announce who had the most points and give a prize such as $10 off their order!
  5. Interact: Keep the interaction going throughout the entire event. Have a script ready so that you can copy/paste at least 3-4 posts per day into your Facebook group. Here’s a sample formula to follow: Product, Fun, Question, Product. Each product post should include a link to shop along with what YOU love about the product. Don’t stick to the product pages, share your personal testimonial. For example, if you’re hosting a Layered Trunk Show, share a photo of an outfit complete with your favorite Layered pieces.
  6. Be informative: Don’t just focus on selling products during the virtual event. If you’re hosting a virtual Motives party, be sure to share related information such as tips on cleaning makeup brushes, how to choose the right eyeshadow shade, etc.
  7. Stay engaged: Engagement is KEY! Share more than products. Offer gift ideas, match products with gift recipients, answer questions, etc. Whatever you do, don’t just post and forget. Stay involved in the comments, respond, and spark conversations. This is the perfect chance for you to fill out customer cards with information that you learn about each person to help you match them with other products down the road.
  8. Go Live: Don’t forget to switch up the content. Share a mix of photos and videos as well as go live during the event to answer questions, show off products, and connect with your customers.


Follow up is key, but don’t just follow up, follow through. Maintaining that relationship with your customers via emails and social media will create loyal customers that will last a lifetime.  Reach out and ask them how they are enjoying everything they purchased, is there anything else they have been eyeing? Or do we have any new releases that you should let them know about? This will help secure your customer beyond the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


Be sure to follow the UnFranchise Blog all season long as we share ideas, tips, and helpful resources to help you retail during the holidays.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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