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How To Leverage First Impressions In Business

Your first impressions upon prospective UnFranchise Owners are crucial to establishing a positive business relationship with your partners. Let’s review some key strategies and resources you have at your disposal to guarantee that phenomenal first impression.

Evaluation Approach

The Evaluation Approach is a strategy that will help you discern the extent to which someone is interested in your products and the business. This is one of the numerous ways to conduct the Evaluation Approach!

Step One: SMILE

Don’t be afraid to smile and put yourself out there! Reach out to friends you consider business-oriented, driven to achieve their goals, and motivated to help others.

Step Two: LISTEN

Gauge your prospective business partner’s interest. Listen for why they would want to join the company. Don’t go into detail about every product or every business benefit, but also don’t hone in on a single subject. Briefly cover a variety of topics, and allow their questions and comments to cue you into what they’re most interested in, rather than what you are most interested in.


Reassure them there is no pressure, but emphasize how this business has helped you achieve your own financial goals and set you up for long-term financial success. At this point, you will do one or both of the following: offer to present them their first UnFranchise Business Presentation, or give them Trial Sized Marketing Sample Packets!


Steer the conversation to closing, and schedule a follow-up. You don’t need to call it a follow-up, but rather ask if you can meet again, perhaps over coffee or for casual activity. Make it open-ended, and encourage them to bring a friend if you’d like.


Thank them for their time and interest and remind them how easy it is to remain involved without commitment. The next meet can be just as much of a hang-out as it is a UBP.

Trial Sized Marketing Sample Packets

Utilize your resources. Our trial-sized sample packs are a great way to allow prospective UFO’s a chance to sample some of our products. They function as a reminder to them about both their experience discussing with you as well as the quality of our products!

Tip One: Carry them around with you.

  • Keep a basket of them on your way out the door.
  • Keep some in your car – another cute basket for marketing purposes.
  • Make them into “gift baggies” with other fun things like pens and sticky notes, SHOP.COM gift cards, stickers, Isotonix cups, etc.
  • Keep some in your purse, briefcase, or even in your entrepreneurial binders & folders.

Tip Two: Pick three of your favorite recipes to talk about.

Are you a Smoothie Sally or a Baker Bob? Do you use your Isotonix formulas in your juices or in your homemade pastries? Select a few from our recipes or check out more options from your fellow UFOs. Become familiar with the ones you like most, and talk about them with prospective UFOs or possible customers when you give them sample packets!

Tip Three: Take advantage of their convenience.

Imagine yourself before you were a UFO. At that point, you were concerned with your health but unsure how to proceed with your wellness goals. You have plans to meet virtually with a friend, likely someone who motivates and inspires you. You hope to be able to talk to them about your concerns.

At lunchtime, the two of you enjoy chatting about life, and you mention to them your difficulty relaxing after a long day of work. They say – “You know what? I have something for you. Just wait a couple of days, you’ll see.”

Within a week or two, you receive a package with a short letter, maybe even a sticky note, “Try these!” That evening, you open your Bliss® Anti-Stress Formula packet and read through the conveniently organized information about it. You try one each afternoon. The rest of the week, your ability to center yourself post-workday feels supported and promoted without drowsiness.

Does this story sound familiar? Your experience becoming a UFO was probably a similar situation. Now imagine you become the friend, and “you” becomes a prospective UFO. It’s that easy!


If you’re nervous about getting this one right, that’s okay – Pulse is a NEW feature on the UnFranchise App! It not only contains a standardized system for customer activity, AutoShip notifications, and other order-related reminders, but its Follow-Up pages include pre-written messages that will teach you how to best write follow-ups to your customers.

These features are particularly useful for new or inactive customers. The notifications will help you remember to interact with these customers at times that are best for them, making them feel seen and taken care of!

You can always ask a close friend or family member to order from your site so that you can “play around” with the various options on this feature. Maybe even look at what they see and what you see side-by-side to learn how everything operates. You could even use this as a strategic opportunity to retail to your consumers or develop business partnerships for your BDC!

Shop Live

Another feature of the UnFranchise Marketing App is SHOP Live, which allows customers to click onto products directly from your livestream! Learn more with the video below how to utilize SHOP Live.

Go Rock That First Impression!

Remember you were once a prospective UFO and the thought process you went through striving for your financial goals. Just as you sought those dreams, so do the potential business partners you are communicating with. Now it’s your time to build your team and show them they can do the same!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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