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How To Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer

Beauty products are a major investment. It’s a shame to let them go to waste too soon! It is a sad truth that most women end up throwing away perfectly good beauty products because they are simply unaware of how to make them last longer. We’re here to help with some money-saving, long-lasting beauty product tips.

Unscrew Pump Tops

Let’s face it. Pump top products are basically just a horrible invention. When pumping the top of your lotion or liquid makeup container emits no more product, don’t be fooled into thinking the container is empty.

Use Up Your Cream Products

Having trouble squeezing out the last few squirts of your favorite moisturizer or cream blush? A pair of scissors could make your beauty routine run smoothly. For any product in a tube, cut the crimped end of the tube off and scrape out the remaining product into either a plastic pill container with flip top lids or plastic pot.. You can then carry these handy containers in your purse or gym bag for quick touch ups throughout the day.

Moisturize Mascara

Mascara dries out far before you’re ready to replace it. Make the most of your mascara by adding a few drops of saline solution to the tube when it starts to get dry. The saline solution is completely safe for your eyes and helps your mascara last two to three times longer than usual.

Save Your Powders

Never throw away a shattered pressed powder. Instead, crush up the remaining powder pieces with the back of a spoon. Then, add rubbing alcohol to the compact and mix it into the powder. Smooth the mixture and let it dry before use.

Thin Your Nail Polish

Don’t throw away your favorite shade of nail polish just because you accidentally left the top slightly unscrewed. Globby, thickened nail polish is not necessarily a goner. Just add a few drop of rubbing alcohol to the bottle of polish and roll the bottle between your palms. The polish will thin out and be ready for use in no time.

Finish Your Perfume Bottle

It’s not fun getting down to the last spritz of your favorite perfume, especially if there’s a bit of fragrance left in the bottle that can’t quite make it through the dispenser. Make them last by adding them to your favorite body lotion or moisturizing hand cream. And just like that, you’ll have a custom scented lotion without spending any extra money. 

Use Body Oil in a Bath

Body oils are great for making your body looks sculpted this summer. Even if you used the bulk of the bottle at the beach, make sure you take it home to put those last illuminating drops to good use. Tap the final last drops of body oil into a relaxing and cool bubble bath to give your skin a nourishing treat, without having to purchase any new bath products.

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Kathryn Jacobs

Kathryn Jacobs