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How to Plan a Safe Weekend Getaway for Labor Day

We’re dreaming of the sand, the ocean, the mountains, or even just a new 4 walls! At this point, we’re ready to safely escape for a couple of days and find a new adventure. If you’re looking to have one last hoorah before summer comes to a close, we’ve got tips to help you plan a safe weekend getaway for Labor Day!

Tips for safe traveling:

  • Boost immune support– Prior to you travel, make sure you’re giving your immune system as much support as possible. Aside from wearing masks, social distancing, washing your hands, and using hand sanitizer, we can also give our immune systems extra support from the inside. Check out these products that can help boost your immune system.
  • Get plenty of rest – Whether you are driving or flying, it is crucial that you are well-rested. Adequate sleep is vital to your overall health. While you’re traveling, your body can undergo a lot of extra stress and lack of sleep from flying or driving, navigating through airports, and carrying luggage. Make sure to close your eyes and get a few winks whenever possible, plus here are a few suggestions to get better sleep.
  • Eat Healthy – One of our favorite things to do while traveling is to try local eateries. Currently, dining out isn’t an option in all areas, and even where it’s allowed it may not be the safest option. Instead, find SHOP Local partners near you and order takeout!
  • Practice proper handwashing  – When soap and warm water are available, that is always your first choice. However, that isn’t always an option. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you are likely to touch doors and come into contact with strangers. Why not prevent the spread of germs? Check out the proper handwashing procedures as well as on the go items for when handwashing isn’t an option.
  • Explore outdoors – Currently, many attractions are closed due to the pandemic. While it may be a while until we can visit our favorite theme parks or museum, it’s the perfect time to get outside. Explore the great outdoors, go camping, hike, visit the lake, go fishing, etc with your family!
  • Follow guidelines – Continue practicing social distancing and follow all local mask guidelines. Research where you’re going to make sure you are aware of the local ordinances, curfews, and expectations.


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