How to Retail Rastelli’s

If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve probably seen there is currently a meat shortage in the US. More people than ever are turning to online shopping as well as looking for options for dinner solutions and meat products for their families. If you’ve reviewed the Basic 5, you know that one of the Basic 5 steps is retailing. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. During retailing, you are not only selling products but you are building a relationship with your customer by matching products to people. You should focus on helping customers find solutions for their needs. Continue reading to learn how to retail SHOP.COM Partner Store, Rastelli’s.

Through its partnership with Market America | SHOP.COM, Rastelli’s is now bringing their wonderful products to the home of the UnFranchise family. Simply choose your Rastelli’s meat or fish products or bundles on SHOP.COM or UnFranchise and it will be delivered straight to your door. Products are antibiotic-free, steroid-free, and hormone-free. Products arrive frozen and are vacuumed sealed so they can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months. Rastelli’s products are of restaurant and premium quality that are easy to cook. 

There has never been a better time to introduce Rastelli’s to your customers. With consumers scared to physically shop for food, online shopping is becoming the go-to solution. Trips to the grocery store are being put on hold in favor of food delivery services. Click HERE to learn why Rastelli’s is the premier online food service for both UnFranchise Owners and customers alike.

JR Ridinger always says that in order to retail products, you need to become a “product of the product.” This means that in order to sell products, you need to use the products which include Rastelli meats! You should know the ins and outs of every product you use so when your client or potential customer asks you a question about the product, it becomes second nature.

One of the easy ways to show that you are a product of the product is through a social media post in which you feature the product you are selling. Customers tend to trust reviews and testimonials over company statements. For example, to share your love of Rastelli’s meats on social media you could film an unboxing of your delivery, share photos of your finished meal, or even start a Facebook or Instagram live stream while you cook your favorite meal with Rastelli’s. Don’t just post a photo, share why you love it, your favorite cut or package and even give a recipe or cooking tips! Get creative!!

Check out these downloadable Sales Materials:

Rastelli Talking Points

Rastelli Market America Tip Cards

Rastelli Market America Menu Cards

Rastelli Dry Ice Warning


Which Rastelli’s products have you tried and loved? Let us know in the comments, plus share your Rastelli’s purchases with us on social using #ShoppingAnnuity!

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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