How to Tweak Your Skincare for Summer

Summer is practically here, and sun-kissed, healthy skin is far more than laying out to tan all day long. Not only are we more exposed to the Sun and it’s rays, but we are shaving and getting our bodies ready for a beach getaway. Check out this Summer skincare guide to help you tweak your regimen!

  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate, especially for oily skin. Try and recommend the Lumiere de Vie Hommes Exfoliating Face Scrub and Royal Spa Foaming Brown Sugar Body Scrub. If you want healthy, bright skin, exfoliating is essential—but just once a week. Exfoliating too much might make your skin dry, irritated, and damaged.

  2. Use non-comedogenic makeup. Noncomedogenic is a word used to describe products that aren’t likely to clog pores or trigger breakouts. If you have acne, blackheads, or are prone to blocked pores, utilizing noncomedogenic skincare and cosmetics may help you have fewer outbreaks. Try Motives Cosmetics Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation!

  3. Invest in a Vitamin C serum. In the summer, when the sun is blazing, Vitamin C should be a top priority in our skincare. It will assist to balance out skin tone and remove sunspots. Try Lumiere de Vie’s Brightening C-Serum!

  4. Use lighter moisturizers. Say goodbye to your rich cremes and make room for one of these lighter alternatives.Try Lumiere de Vie’s Matte Moisturizer!

  5. Take cooler showers. Cold showers can help your skin retain moisture, minimize flushing, and help you lose weight by constricting blood vessels.

  6. SPF SPF SPF!!! Summertime is when UV rays are at their peak. Because clouds do not protect UV radiation, it is simple to be burnt even on an overcast day. Try Shop’s amazing variety of sunscreens!

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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