How to Win at Online Shopping

In a noisy world of eCommerce companies marketing your every move, it’s challenging to look past the distractions. With every site being accessible from your smart phone, how do you know how to win the online shopping game? Where is the best place to shop…when is the best time to shop…how do you find those pesky coupon codes…we have so many questions! 

Lucky for you, today we’re talking about how to win at online shopping. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Price compare: Never accept the first price you see as the best price! Take this GE Refridgerator for example; this fridge is listed on SHOP.COM under several different sellers…and the price rangers in a difference over $1,000! Take a look for yourself. Make sure you are doing your homework before pressing the ‘checkout’ button.
  • Search for coupon codes: On each of the partner stores homefront page, you have first-hand access to hot deals, coupon codes and exclusive savings! Make this the first place that you head to when making an online purchase…the savings are endless!
  • Mobile shopping: The SHOP Mobile App allows you to access SHOP.COM wherever you go at the tip of your fingers. This great tool offers you and your customers the latest deals from SHOP.COM. Plus, you get to take advantage of SHOP.COM’s online and offline shopping advantages such as BV, IBV and Cashback.
  • Buying Guides: Shop smarter with buying guides! Shopping online is quick and convenient, but for every item on your list there are countless options out there. Not sure how to choose the right one? Our buying guides give you comparisons, tips, terminology, and more so you can be informed before you buy!
  • Cashback: SHOP.COM has awarded over $40 Million in Cashback to our smart shoppers. The whole point of online shopping is to SAVE! So if you aren’t earning on every purchase you make. You are doing it wrong!

Sign up for a SHOP.COM account today and get online shopping right!


Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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