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How UFOs Can Leverage WebCenters

UnFranchise Owners across other Market America divisions can also be successful WebCenter Owners.  With other areas focusing on business to business (B2B) sales, there has never been a better time than now to add WebCenters as a focus in building your business.  Many of the same principles in building your UnFranchise business and other divisions also apply to having success in WebCenters.  Let’s take a look at the retail strategy for WebCenters and see the similarities in building a strong retail business, as well as expanding your UnFranchise Business:

The Five C’s

  1. Candidates: Create a list of candidates, those that you know that own a business, work in a business, are well-connected with businesses.  Where are you a client, patient, or customer?
  2. Current Status: What is their current situation?  Do they have a website? Is it mobile-friendly? Are they on social media?
  3. Contact: Approach the business for a 15-minute discovery meeting and consultation. Follow the assessment questionnaires
  4. Consult: Hold a 10-15 minute consultation meeting or discovery appointment. How is business? Where are they marketing?  Could they use more visibility or customers?  Are they looking for streams of revenue to add to their business? Do they have an exit strategy?  Retirement plans?  How are they engaging their clients? What’s going well?  Where would they like to improve?
  5. Close: Taking the information learned in the Consult and Current Research, schedule the appropriate follow-up.  In most cases, this will be a Product Demonstration with Sales Support at maWebCenters.

You see, as UnFranchise Owners meet with prospects for the UnFranchise Business, to share the Shopping Annuity, or to present other areas of specialization, such as nutraMetrix, TLS, Motives, these same questions and concepts run parallel.  When meeting with a salon owner, a dental practice, or a personal trainer, UnFranchise owners may be thinking of Motives, Lumiere de Vie, nutraMetrix, or Isotonix and TLS, but when the right questions are asked, an UnFranchise Owner may uncover another opportunity to help this prospect or business candidate—increased revenue, decreased expenses, save money on overhead, streamline business practices, improve client engagement, or improved digital marketing and online presence.

As a product broker, UnFranchise Owners have many opportunities to help their prospects and local business communities.  Everyone knows businesses and business owners in their local market.  And while you may not be educated and trained in selling WebSolutions with WebCenters, you can increase your value using this consultative approach when talking with people, identifying needs, uncovering problems, and sharing solutions.  Leverage the WebCenter Division within your diverse UnFranchise Business.  Work in teams, refer each other, and use 3rd party credibility and tools to add value.

Be sure to Download the Assessment Sheets from your UnFranchise Support Materials:


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