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How Your Mood Affects Your Skin

Happy International Day of Happiness! They say laughter is medicine. Your mood can seriously affect your skin in both a positive and negative way. Your emotions can trigger physical symptoms. Your skin and nervous system are made up from the same cells, which formed when you were in your mother’s womb. Although many of us battled skin issues during puberty, it is not restricted to just that time period. Your skin is the biggest indicator on what is happening inside of your body, emotionally and physically. 


The top reason behind your skin issues. When you are stressed or feeling tense, it triggers your fight-or-flight response, AKA the cortisol hormone. It is only meant to be released when you are in a dangerous situation. When you are stressed for long periods of time, the excess cortisol release starts to break down collagen, reduce moisture in your skin, triggers inflammation and acne, and even slows down your cell regeneration. 



You need your beauty sleep. When we sleep, we are healing, our skin is regenerating, and we are in full relaxation mode. When you are deprived from sleep, this messes with your cortisol levels. Therefore, your body’s way of healing itself slows down. It slows down your wound healing, collagen growth, increases inflammation, and reduces hydration. To help you sleep better at night, start a daily meditation practice, regularly exercise, drink calming tea, use blackout shades, and do anything that relaxes you. 


Facial Expressions

We show our emotions with our face, wrinkling our nose, forehead, and furrowing our eyebrows. Take moments to relax and do some face yoga. You can also relax and soothe your face with an ice roller or crystal roller. Make sure to focus on your forehead, eyebrows, temples, and jaw. This is where we hold the most tension in our face. 


Products For Stressed Skin 

To combat your emotional responses to your body, use antioxidants! Eat your berries and use serums like Vitamin C and Astaxanthin. Do not forget to wear SPF daily and keep your skin moisturized. You want to create a barrier for your skin to protect it. Retinol is amazing for cell turnover as well. Use it at night; do not use your Vitamin C in the same routine. 


What are your favorite ways to relax? Comment below!

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Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja

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