Using Hurdlr To Save Time And Money During Tax Season

Tax season can be daunting to those who are unprepared. Thanks to Market America’s partnership with Hurdlr, UnFranchise Owners have the tools and software to save both time and money.

Think of Hurdlr as your own personal assistant and accountant. It tracks business expenses, mileage, and time to maximize potential tax deductions and save money on your tax bill.

Hurdlr Features

  • Link business cards to your Hurdlr account so the app will track and record your every purchase.
  • Track federal, state, and self-employment taxes.
  • Track Shopping Annuity spending power for increased collective buying power.
  • Calculate the distance between the starting and ending addresses for you.
  • Add a receipt before the transaction pulls in from your bank, and then attach it to the transaction when it comes into the app.

All UnFranchise Owners have access to this software through the UnFranchise Management System*, which can be added to your cart on Plus, it can be used on your iPhone or Android device via an app.

Make sure to use Hurdlr this tax season to potentially save both time and money! For more information, click here.

3d look into the hurdlr app

*In order to remain an active UFMS subscriber, you must also add UFMS to your autoship.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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