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Hydrators Vs. Moisturizers

One of the most difficult skincare concepts to grasp is the difference between hydrators and moisturizers. We’re here to help you balance the difficulty of deciding which to use for each type of skin. Remember that using products with oil does not mean your skin will break out – similarly, using products that do not contain oil will not necessarily dry out your skin. Read along to be sure of the key differences between the two.

Water & Your Skin

Because your skin is an organ, what you put in can easily affect it. Think of it seasonally. During summer, we must keep our bodies and skin hydrated. With the sun’s rays and increased activity, we must be sure to drink a plethora of water.

While not drinking water would definitely worsen a dehydrated skin condition, to fix your skin’s current state, your best option is something more topical. When we drink or eat something, that substance must undergo all of your body’s other processes before actually arriving at your skin’s surface. Thus, the impact of your drinking water over time Is helpful, but not significant enough to immediately repair pre-existing damage.

Similar to Oil & Water…

If you’ve ever felt like your skin needs a drink of water, you might not be far off. All the products on the market today make it difficult to decipher which ones you need. One of the most confusing topics is the difference between hydration and moisture.  Dehydrated skin lacks water and therefore needs to be hydrated.  Dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized.  An important distinction to make.

While hydration is what makes our skin soft, it won’t stay that way if there is no oil protecting that hydration from evaporating and abandoning the skin, which would leave it dry and flaky.  Conversely, to put oil on top of already dehydrated skin may smooth it, but it will still lack the hydration that makes it feel soft and elastic.

Dehydrated skin that is moisturized without receiving the amount of hydration will still look dull and feel tight.  Dry skin that is hydrated but not moisturized still flakes and have a rough texture.

Find The Right Product

Now that you understand the difference between hydration and moisture, how do you find the best product?  Both hydrating and moisturizing products can come in many forms. The first thing to do is read the label.

  • Hydrating Products– When it comes to an ingredient that is hydrating, hyaluronic acid is the ultimate. It is actually found naturally in the human body, but just like collagen, our skin’s supply depletes as we age.  When this happens our skin thins and appears dull. Our skin needs to be hydrated not only to look good but also to function optimally.


Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème

Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème is a super-hydrating, intensive repair treatment developed for chronically-stressed skin and designed to work with the skin’s renewal process. An ultra rich, fast-absorbing formula specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots as it imparts skin with the look of improved radiance and newly-found firmness.

  • Moisturizing Products – It is important not to associate oil-based products with breakouts. Not only can overdrying and a lack of oil content in the skin induce breakouts, but dry skin will also age faster.  Overdrying and stripping the skin of any oil, without replacing it, can cause your skin to respond by producing excess oil.  This reaction can overwhelm the pores and cause congestion/breakouts. Skin also heals faster and most efficiently in a moist environment.


Lumiere de Vie Moisturizing Intense Sheet Masque

Incredible skin demands an incredible masque. Lumière de Vie Moisture Intense Sheet Masque is the definitive treatment formulated with aloe to intensely moisturize while reducing oxidative damage from the everyday elements.Utilizing the powerful hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid, this specialized sheet masque instantly revitalizes dry, aged skin on contact.

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Kathryn Jacobs

Kathryn Jacobs

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