ICON 2023: Lasting Memories

Afternoon of Day 3

There’s no doubt that ICON 2023 was one for the books. We introduced new products and launched contests (notably Bliss CBD Gummies + Ashwagandha, the Share Your Bliss-ATHON!, Amber’s ICON Collections and the Art of You Campaign and Contest). VIFT, the digital wallet that pays cash daily, and the Limited Time Jumpstart Promotion hit the ground running. And exclusive ICON JR Merch filled the concourse as well as Amber Ridinger McLaughlin’s legendary Motives ICON X AMBER Palette and Layered Iconic Collection. Speakers Loren Ridinger, Fat Joe, Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley, Amber Ridinger McLaughlin, Jim Winkler, Andrew Weissman, Kevin Buckman, Gary Brecka, Deedra Mason, Lien Nguyen, Dritan Hodo, Elizabeth Weber-Walliser and more rocked the stage, delivering inspiration and guidance for UnFranchise Owners to succeed.

The grand finale came from JR Ridinger, whose presence filled the stadium as he challenged the attendees to evaluate their mission. “Who are you? What are you about? What is your identity? And what is your mission? I want to challenge you — the most important thing you can do coming out of this weekend is defining who you are.” JR recounted his own mission statement, which identified his family and this company as his driving forces. A compilation of videos played next, filled with images and clips of JR and Loren Ridinger, how they founded Market America | SHOP.COM by supporting and challenging each other.

ICON 2023 concluded with Co-Founder, Chairwoman & CEO Loren Ridinger’s heartfelt tribute to her husband and partner, JR. Her passion was palpable, spurring the audience to several standing ovations as she recounted her journey through this devastating loss while running JR’s growing empire. “Time doesn’t heal anything,” she said. “It does nothing but go on. It doesn’t have feelings or bring comfort. It just continues to move forward on me and on you, so you have to do something with the time you have right now. It’s your life. You have to do something now!”

Loren reiterated JR lessons, teaching from his videos and their life stories. She impressed upon the audience that JR’s belief outlives him, as every person in that audience embodies his dream. Their success and their triumphs bring him joy. “I want you to stop treating this business like it’s a hobby. I want you to finally do something for yourself. I want you to treat this as the thing that’s going to change your life forever.”

ICON 2023

To those who attended ICON 2023, thank you. For three days, thousands of UnFranchise Owners from across the globe manifested a vision of community and progress, achievement and tradition. International Convention differs year to year, but one thing remains the same: “Time moves fast. Everything changes. But I want to assure you, our number one product is still belief.”

With limited time but unlimited belief, I leave you with just one question: What are you going to do with the dash?

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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