ICON 2023 Product Haul: How to Promote to Your Customers

Market America International Convention 2023 introduced and reinvigorated excitement for dozens of exclusive products. As always, we encourage you to continue riding the convention high, using its momentum to accelerate your business. These select products (listed below) were chosen as ICON 2023 highlights to boost sales according to the most recent market trends, so be sure to snag and promote these remarkable buys with your Preferred Customers and beyond while demand is hot!

Health & Nutrition

Consider your customer base and their specific goals as well as the points Gary Brecka discussed in his presentation on Friday. Create a marketing plan for the following products with one product as the focal point each week, using deals and compelling scientific research for its applicability to your viewers’ health needs.

ICON 2023 Products

Don’t forget to enter the Bliss contest, too, for your chance to win two 2024 Leadership Academy tickets with a simple post. But hurry, you only have one more week.

Pet Health

Fur babies are family, too! While you promote Bliss CBD Gummies for the humans, don’t forget that pets also deserve comfort and support for their wellbeing.


Amber Ridinger McLaughlin’s limited-edition line of ICONic makeup palettes and Layered jewelry is perfect for the season. Give summer a proper sendoff and kiss fall hello with beautiful, soft eyeshadow shades and statement jewelry pieces for your trendiest customers. And for the lovers of sleek looks and healthy hair and lashes, Fixx and Motives introduced hair serums, masks and a mascara.

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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