ICON 2023: JR’s Legacy Lives On

Morning of Day 3

The legacy of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM started with JR and endures with you. Today we heard from the leaders of the company who are developing agents for change and growth within the company amongst the UnFranchise Owners with the tools and opportunities offered to them.

President & COO of SHOP.COM Steve Ashley owned the stage with his explosive energy, broadcasting the latest technology available to UnFranchise Owners, Copilot AI and Chat GPT: with capabilities which help generate new and retain existing customers. The floor positively shook with applause and cheers as Steve spoke. “Let me tell you what the odds are to be successful in this business: It’s you and you and you and you. The only person who can get you to success in the UnFranchise Business is you,” he said. Constant innovation, our exceptional UFOs and the success of the tried-and-true UnFranchise Business system brought each attendee to their feet in the most powerful opening ICON has seen.

ICON 2023 weekend

Vice President Amber Ridinger McLaughlin and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler came on behind Steve and interviewed remarkable UnFranchise Owners whose original singular pursuits have become family businesses which they intend to carry through generations. “I’ve always known my mom has been tough, determined, a strong woman — always my role model, but when I started working, I saw that she has so much love for people; she is so good at that. She can look at anyone in the eye and see JR and Loren’s vision and truly tell them, ‘You can be successful. There is no limit to what you can become.’ The love and responsibility she has for her team is just so much for me grow into,” Olivia Li said about her mother, Min Liu.

JR Ridinger himself spoke to the crowd as only he could when Andrew Weissman went through magic moment videos of JR’s unbeatable trainings. “I hope these lessons and magic moments mean more to you now. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your success,” Andrew said. JR’s timeless magnetism and brilliance echoed through the stadium — classic demonstrations like the bean jar, priming the pump and the hamster wheel.

The most magical moment of the day, however, came at the presentation of the first-ever JR Ridinger Award to none other than Elizabeth Weber-Walliser, for her dedication to the company and reflection of JR’s character in the UnFranchise Business. “I’ve gotten awards through the years, but this is the biggest honor of my life. And…I just miss him, but I feel like he’s going to do bigger things up there. I feel like he already has. And his spirit surrounds us; I can feel him, his spirit’s within us all. And I believe his spirit will give us the strength to carry on his journey, his dream, and to impact thousands of lives.”
ICON 2023 JR Award

Power Profile Simon Lu finished out the morning after the emotional award ceremony. Simon encouraged attendees to be tycoons of industry, focusing on the business. To succeed, you must invest in yourself, starting with 2024 Leadership Academy. On the final day of ICON with a stadium full of leaders, we have the greatest expectations for all of you to be there and make JR proud.

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

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