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A quick look at the headlines tells you that there is a lot going on in the world, and how it unfolds will have lasting impact on societies around the globe. Personal hygiene and maintaining optimum health are at the forefront of everyone’s minds – and rightfully so. In these times, people are searching for solutions that help protect them and their family.

Its sobering to think how susceptible the human race is to different illnesses – but it’s also reassuring to know many of these issues can be mitigated with a proper hygiene regiment. In a previous article I discussed how our products protect you inside and out, and now I’d like to focus on another important product: Shopping Annuity® Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap.

As panic meets preparation, many personal hygiene products around the globe are in high-demand and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Anyone who lives in a large city already knows how difficult it is to find items like this today, but fortunately we have Shopping Annuity Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap in stock on!

This product is a regular part of my daily routine and I suggest you give it a try – because it delivers great results. Now more than ever, people are prioritizing proper hygiene and going the extra mile to ensure their homes are clean, and their families are protected. In fact, the CDC has an entire national campaign built around hand washing as a means to prevent the spread of illnesses. We can all make a positive impact right now by sharing this and adopting these simple practices within our own lives.

Be sure to get your Shopping Annuity Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap today on, along with other key items to ensure you have the products you need to maintain proper health and hygiene!Shopping Annuity Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan (with different labeling) – and comes with either BV or IBV…

Another important product we offer is Shopping Annuity® Brand Hand Sanitizer, however, we are currently out of stock. We anticipate having it back in stock on or around March 19th – just in case you’d like to start planning ahead! Obviously, you’ll want to act fast when the Shopping Annuity Hand Sanitizer is back in stock, because this is another item that’s obviously in high demand.

Share this information with your team so they’re aware we have some very helpful items that provide solutions that can help alleviate many of the health & hygiene related issues facing the world today!

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