Increased IBV Percentages Leads To Shopping Annuity Momentum

Numbers don’t lie, and the stats are greatly in the favor of Market America. This past August, JR Ridinger and the Market America | SHOP.COM team introduced “double IBV.” The team wanted to see the effect it would have on IBV numbers towards accumulation and earnings. It was released before new products and improvements were revealed these past couple of months.

We hoped that double IBV would have the biggest impact on Shopping Annuity®. Every decision regarding IBV was made to make the Shopping Annuity easier, more convenient, and faster for UnFranchise® Owners to convert spending into earning. Double IBV meant more IBV to leverage for your business and Shopping Annuity.

The initials reports from August (when double IBV was introduced) to October are in and the numbers are staggering. The report highlights significant increases associated with the impact of “Increased IBV” for non-MA product sales. (BV products used for IBV.) Below are the increased averages for our markets.

Increased Percentages 

  • Australia 35.14%
  • Canada 138.87%
  • Hong Kong 132.89%
  • Malaysia 17.18%
  • Singapore 100.02%
  • Taiwan (excluded Oct. due to reporting lag) 25.41%
  • United States 64.12%
  • Overall Average 72.92%

This is HUGE news for the Shopping Annuity. More IBV can lead to more momentum and business growth. Check out what some of our top UFOs are saying about the percentage increases.

Jim WinklerThis is just the beginning with so many great updates and advancements to help create momentum with the Shopping Annuity.”

Dennis Franks“This is wonderful news. Team as we continue to grow this program more IBV commissions will be paid to more UFOs. It has been said before that sometime you must take a step back to move forward in a big way. Together we will make a difference.”

Elizabeth WeberGreat news! Let’s change the world!”

Don MartinThis is great! With all of our teams Implementation throughout the field it will make it even better as well as the collective power hits critical mass. Timing is right so let’s do this! Thank you all for you persistence in this to make it come together. I know it’s just the beginning and soon everyone will be earning more and more. Cheers.”

The work does not stop here. Keep educating your teams on IBV and how it can positively impact their business. Let’s take the Shopping Annuity to then next level!




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