Ingredient Spotlight: Chromium

Healthy weight and blood sugar management are important goals throughout the year, but those goals can feel difficult to reach during the winter months. Colder weather makes it more tempting to stay inside and cozy up with comfort foods instead of getting outside and moving. But with spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to take steps to foster health and wellbeing.

In addition to eating a well-balanced diet and getting exercise, taking care of your body involves making sure that it’s getting the nutrients it needs. While eating fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in nutrients is foundational, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that your diet encompasses all the necessary vitamins and minerals. That’s where supplementation can help.

The key ingredient chromium helps to keep muscle and maintain or increase the metabolic rate. It has been studied for its potential benefits in relation to reducing the risk of insulin resistance, contributing to healthier blood lipid levels and contributing to a reduction in body weight and body fat percentage.1

Chromium is an integral part of our Isotonix Isochrome formula, which contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as coenzyme Q10. These compounds provide nutrients that can help to support healthy blood sugar, support cardiovascular health, promote energy and promote muscle strength, which will ultimately improve the success of most weight-management programs.

Now, while supplies last, UnFranchise Owners can purchase Isotonix Isochrome at a promotional price. Please note that this inventory is available for personal consumption and not for resale and will expire on 31 Oct.

In addition, UFOs and Preferred Customers can purchase the US product from SHOPGLOBAL.COM.


Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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