Initial Qualifying, Using Technology

National Supervising Coordinator, Ryan Stack, shared some insight and ideas for qualifying prospects initially using technology.

There’s no doubt that most people today are living a fast-paced lifestyle and their time and attention is constantly being pulled at from a million different places.  A good way to bridge the gap of qualifying people without facing the rising objection of “I don’t have time” is to leverage technology.  Technology like Facetime, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms allows us the chance to connect with people faster, eliminate the typical “time” objection, while allowing us all to accomplish more in less time.

In the past, scheduling time with a potential business partner may have consisted of driving 1 hour to meet them, sitting down for another hour to present information, answering questions, booking a potential follow up and then driving back home.  All-in-all that first meeting could have been a 3-4 hour process and that person may or may not have been someone who qualifies for the UnFranchise.  Leveraging technology to have the appointment over a facetime webinar could have accomplished the same information and allowed you to decide if the person is qualified to set up a follow up face-to-face meeting.  This allows you to set up more appointments, qualify more people, maximize your productive business building activities and ultimately, achieve more success in your business.

Technology is a great way to maximize your efforts when used the right way.  It will never replace face-to-face meetings or the one-on-one relationship building efforts; that can only happen by meeting in person.  It can, however, steam line the process, save you time, and allow you to spend those precious face to face hours in front of the right people.  Consider adopting this philosophy of “merging the old with the new” which utilizes technology to speed up the effectiveness of your in-person meetings.


Sarah Rose Stack

Sarah Rose Stack


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