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Our creative services team is full of bright minds and creative individuals. When it came time to start the creative process, three incredibly talented individuals came together to design the MA 24 images that you have seen all over social media. Sitting down with them to discuss the overall concept and thought process behind such an incredible project, the pride and passion for the project beams from them. Read on to learn more about the amazing design and meaning behind the MA 24 images.

Left to right: Farid Mokraoui, Rachel Kimball, and Jonathan Vizcuna

We sat down with the brilliant minds behind the concept, Rachel Kimball- Senior Interactive Designer, Jonathan Vizcuna- Senior Interactive Designer and Farid Mokraoui- Associate Director of Interactive. Here’s what they had to say about coming up with the design to commemorate Market America’s 24th anniversary:

Tell us about the design concept and inspiration behind the images you created for MA 24.

Jonathan: We reviewed the last couple of logos for the previous anniversaries for this year. We really wanted to humanize the logo since the company has markets in 9 countries. At the corporate office, we have people from Taiwan, China, Spain, all over. We wanted to reflect the global representation in the logo. We decided to represent those people and places using the colors found in the flags of each of the nine countries Market America is in. So each of the colors in the image was pulled from those flags. For the number 24, we wanted it to be something very contemporary, trendy and versatile.

The main inspiration was unifying all of the countries, as well as incorporating all of the people involved in Market America from the corporate office, SHOP.COM headquarters, those in the different Market offices, and the UnFranchise Owners. You always hear “this is the anniversary of this company” (whatever company it may be) and people sometimes don’t take into consideration the people that actually work in the building every day for that company. So the main idea was just to incorporate and unify everyone involved with Market America in whatever way that may be.

What is the overall theme of MA 24?

Farid: The theme of MA 24 is “global community.” We initially all collaborated on this. We started thinking about the community and globally, there are so many pieces and people that make this company successful. From employees and UFOs to even the customers that go to SHOP.COM, that’s what this whole message is about. This is our “Thank You” for making us successful. The beauty of the whole piece is like how everything works within the company, this project was a great collaboration of the three of us. Jonathan and Rachel came up with the concept in terms of the circle theme and bubbles that I feel that really represents the whole global community, one circle. It strongly communicates what we’re trying to portray in our Thank You. Rachel came up with the concept of the circle and Jonathan provided a very strong logo and brought in the cool colors. It all came together to create the strong piece we have now as far as the whole campaign direction.

How long did it take to create this from start to finish?

Jonathan: A couple of weeks. The good thing is we work with so many professional people that understand the company. So when we started having discussions in the beginning and then brought them to meetings with people from many departments, the concept was well received and instantly understood. The process went faster than it has in previous years since the idea behind the concept was very similar for everyone involved. We had constant meetings and took a very aggressive approach to get ideas from everyone and have real team effort and involvement.

Farid: It helped us having such a strong theme and very strong message such as “Global Community” that we can all identify with. It provided a great direction for us to run with from the start. There were many ideas that came up and it all worked together.

What is day to day life at Market America like for you?

Farid: I’m involved in more of the high level meetings that deal with website designs, strategy, coming up with ideas for campaigns, etc. Often I’m relying on my senior designers to execute these campaigns. I’m very lucky to have great designers on my team that I can do that. I can take them a general idea and say “run with it” and they come up with something incredible.  So for me, I get the benefit of seeing high level of how everything is going to come together without having to oversee too much of how the design is being executed.

Jonathan: The main thing I really enjoy is getting to work with in a very diverse and multicultural environment. In the office, we have people from Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, etc and that makes my work more interesting. I’m not working for just one target, I get to work for different targets. To be able to work with all of these great designers and feed my “mojo” and inspiration with them every day is incredible.

Rachel: I think it’s a fun place to work. I really enjoy the people I work with daily and we get to work on very creative things. There’s always day to day task as well, but working in a collaborative environment like this makes your everyday life fun.

We are so in love with the phenomenal designs that Farid, Jonathan, and Rachel created! You can change your social media profile picture and Facebook cover photo as well to support Market America’s 24th anniversary! Just click on the photos and save


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What do you think of the concept and design for MA 24? Tell us in the comments below.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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