Social Media Monday: Instagram’s New Share to Story Feature

As Instagram stories continue to grow in popularity, the line between your story and your feed just keeps getting thinner and thinner. To help open the door for the latest social media trend shift, Instagram has rolled out a new Share to Story feature that will let users share posts both from their own account and from public accounts they follow directly to their story!

Sometimes it’s just handy to be able to share a regular Instagram post in your story. Before now, the process was clumsy, including an entire process of screenshots, cropping, re-uploading, and hoping nothing was warped or cut-off in the process. Now, you can scrap the tedious process and share to stories in just a few taps!


Share to Story How-To

Tap the paper airplane button below the post like you would to send it as a DM.
instagram share to story

At the top, you’ll see the option to add to your story. Tap it to see the feed post as a sticker with a customized background that you can rotate, scale, and move just like a normal sticker! You can also tap it to explore different styles to fit your Instagram style.

instagram share to story


Your Business + the Share to Story Feature

Automatic Tagging

One of our favorite things about the new update (aside from how easy it is) is that all of the posts you share to your stories display the original poster’s username! No more accidentally forgetting to tag the original poster, no more stepping on digital toes. Plus, when you see a post in someone’s story, you can tap it to check out the original post and check out the profile of the person who owns the image!


Importance of Public Accounts

Because of Instagram’s privacy settings, you can only share posts from public accounts. This means that if you want your posts to be featured on any of the corporate pages (check out our post here to see why you do!) then you’ll need to check your account’s privacy settings to be featured.


What About Carousel + Video Posts?

As much as we love them, you won’t be able to share that video or scrollable set of images to your story. If you are sharing a carousel post, you’ll only be able to share one image at a time. Thankfully, there aren’t too many steps anymore so you can just repeat the steps to capture the post in your story.

If you’re trying to share a video, sorry! It will only appear as a still image, but it’s a great way to highlight a useful video on a corporate account so your followers can check it out without worrying about the fluidity and look of your feed.


What do you think about Instagram’s Share to Story feature?
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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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