Social Media Monday: Instagram Story Upgrades

Instagram is gaining daily users left + right lately, and they’re stepping up their game to keep the momentum going!  Last week, your Instagram Story received a couple of updates that will make using their story feature even more beneficial for your business + make it easier for you to interact with your followers.  Check out all of the details on the new features for this week’s Social Media Monday below!

Instagram Story Polls

Polls have always been popular on social media. Whether it was Twitter’s “RT or Favorite”, Facebook’s old polling feature (R.I.P.), asking followers for their input is a great way to engage + start a conversation!  Good news for pollers: your Instagram story will now give you the option to include a two-answer poll!

With this feature, you can add the poll to your story from the “stickers” section of your screen (upper right) and receive live answers from followers.  You’ll have the option to stick with the “Yes or No” buttons + include your own question or simply add your own titles to the buttons themselves!



















HEADS UP: Instagram will show you the replies in your story insights, but you will also be able to see the names of those who chose answers. Just a warning for those who may not want their names so easily accessible!


Instagram Story Color Picker

The first of Instagram’s new visual tools is similar to one of the most-used tools in Photoshop: the color picker! Now, you are not limited to the pre-set colors previously offered.  You can match the color you draw or type with any hue in your image!  To take advantage of this new feature, select the draw or type tool and look at the bottom of your screen where you would normally select your color. On the left end of the spectrum, you will find a new eyedropper icon. Select it and move the “drop” to the part of the photo you would like to match the color of.  Simple, fast, and wonderful!


Instagram Story Alignment

How frustrating is it to be endlessly turning and pinching your screen to align your story stickers + text?  Very.  Thankfully, Instagram has helped end this awful process with the latest update! Now, blue lines will appear on your screen when you are moving items around + even on the edges of your screen so you can see what may be cut off!


Now, go engage your followers with your color-coordinated, perfectly aligned Instagram story polls!


Do you have social media questions? Leave them in the comments below!

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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