International Women’s Day Feature: The Founder of LDV

This International Women’s Day, we honor all the women out in the world. You are all so incredible. Today we would like to highlight the founder of Lumiere de Vie. Wife and mom of three, Amber Ridinger Mclaughlin, grew up in a tight knit family, surrounded by faith, love, and entrepreneurship. As an advocate for wellness and love for fashion, blended in with her entrepreneurial roots, she founded Lumiere de Vie, Lumiere de Vie Hommes, Layered, and co-founded DNA Miracles

Here are 5 things you might not know about Amber:

  1. Amber’s why is building in the walls of her home, because to her, family is her top priority. She was determined not to sacrifice that important part of her life for a career.  She adores being a wife and mom to three beautiful children. That is why she is so grateful to have a career that gives her the ability to always be surrounded by her family.
  2. Her passion to heal others. Amber is motivated to help people find their healthy glow from the inside-out. She battles with Rosacea and keeping her flare ups under control. Although it can get frustrating at times, she always turns to self-love and patience, loving the skin she is in.
  3. Amber’s love for fashion and travel. She loves to travel to tropical places with family. She has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including the cover of Vogue Taiwan, featured in Ocean Drive, New York Times, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Haute Living and more. She prefers a light glam with her go-to products: spf, Lumi-Sticks and a colored eye-liner
  4. The meaning behind Lumiere de Vie is “Light of Life,” a motto Amber lives by. She believes in maintaining positivity, although it may be a struggle at times, and glowing from the inside-out. When you feel good, you look good, and that is what she wanted to help people of all ages and skin types to achieve — that healthy glow.
  5. Her dedication to her businesses. Amber is always looking for natural ways to maintain health, even for Lumiere de Vie. She works very closely with scientists to ensure they design products with naturally derived ingredients that are effective; a first aid for your skin. All of Lumiere de Vie’s products are paraben free and made with magical ingredients from the earth and sea!

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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