Introducing a More Comprehensive Health and Nutrition Channel

At Market America, we believe in continually delivering the best quality products, including an array of health and nutrition products for your daily life, supported by the best resourcesWith that, we’re so excited to announce that we’re rolling out new health and nutrition social media accounts. You can find us on Instagram @mahealthyliving and on Facebook at 

While our Isotonix line is so beloved, we want to provide a more comprehensive overview into our many other product lines for both our UnFranchise® Owners and their customers. With that in mind, these new accounts will replace the Isotonix social media channels. The Isotonix channels will still be available to reference previously posted content, but will no longer be updated.  

Through the new MA Healthy Living social media accounts, we can provide more in-depth content, robust knowledge and brand recognition to continue to educate and help you build your business. The new accounts will cover: Isotonix®, Prime™, Ultimate Aloe™, Heart Health™, Pure Collagen, Probiotics 10, MochaTonix®, Curcumin Extreme™, CannabiQuin™, NutriClean®, Awake®Thymenol™, Glucosatrin®, Complete Greens®, DNA Miracles®, Timeless Prescription®, Bliss®, Nutri-Physical® and any new health and nutrition products that may be introduced in the future. 


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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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