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Introducing New Skincare: LdV Matte Moisturiser & LdV Hommes Restoring Serum

Did you know that the skincare industry in Australia alone is a $4.2 billion business and shows no signs of slowing down? That’s why, Market Australia is constantly keeping up with trends and presenting to you, the most high-quality skincare products that meet your every need. We are extremely excited to introduce two new skincare products into our Lumiere de Vie line!

Lumiere de Vie Matte Moisturiser

Do you have issues with oiliness but still need moisture on your skin? There are a ton of products out there that either focus on just hydration and moisture or just mattifying products. Lumiere de Vie has combined the needs of both and we now have our very new Matte Moisturiser.

The LdV Matte Moisturiser is a skincare product that nourishes the skin but still keeps it nice and matte so you don’t have to worry about all that excess oil throughout the day. The Matte Moisturiser acts as a daily mosituriser as well as a great primer to prep skin before you apply your makeup.

Benefits? We’ve got them…

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturises skin while controlling oil
  • Brightens the skin for a more radiant complexion
  • Provides a supple look and feel for refined-looking skin
  • Helps skin appear smoother and feel firmer
  • Can also be used as a makeup primer

Get your hands on the Lumiere de Vie Matte Moisturiser now!

Lumiere de Vie Hommes Restoring Serum

Men are definitely stepping up their game when it comes to skincare and it is a growing industry in Australia. Lumiere de Vie Hommes has released a new Restoring Serum that is a versatile formula suitable for every man.

If you’re a man and you feel like your skin is dry but you hate that heaviness of a moisturiser on your skin, the Restoring Serum is the perfect product for you. It is a lightweight serum that penetrates deeply so say goodbye to dryness! The Restoring Serum also helps with aging skin by creating a smoother and healthier complexion.

Benefits? We’ve got them…

  • Supports skin elasticity, providing a more supple look to the skin
  • Brightens the skin for a more even-looking complexion
  • Moisturises and balances for healthier-looking skin
  • Contains soothing properties for sensitive skin 

Get your hands on the Lumiere de Vie Hommes Restoring Serum now!

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Veronica Nguyen

Veronica Nguyen

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