Introducing The Market America University Major Of The Month

This September, the UFO Marketing Team will release their first ever Major of the Month. The Major of the Month will feature and highlight one specific Market America University Major.

The plan is to pick one major every month to spotlight. Our team will provide information about the selected major as well as showcase resources from the major such as videos, testimonials, and other informational materials. The Major of the Month is the perfect material to show a new prospect or client for them to gain a basic understanding of the major.

The university was created to simplify our business and increase the opportunities to sell products. The university promotes profitability and stability. To refresh your memory, the Market University Majors are as followed.

Market America University Majors*

  • Cosmetics (Motives)
  • Financial services (SHOP Financial)
  • Health and Nutrition (Isotonix)
  • Music / Entertainment (Conquer)
  • Nutrametrix
  • Skin care (Lumiere de Vie)
  • Web Design (WebCenters)
  • Weight Management (TLS)

*These are the major brands associated with each major. In some majors, there are other brands associated with major brand.

Remember that in Market America, every UnFranchise® Business Owner majors in business first. By majoring in business first, it allows UFOs to set goals and objectives to hit in your UnFranchise. Then, UFOs have the option to pick whatever major suits their likes, needs, and desires. The best way to choose a major is to immerse with the products from a major. Become a product of the product and make your decision based off of your approval rating with each product. Ask yourself, “What products will they be able to sell the most to new customer,” and “What major will provide you a satisfying and worthwhile experience?”

Before you determine a major, we urge you to review all of the university training videos and materials for each major. Go to > Help & Training > Support Materials > University Majors and Specialties. After that, you will have the chance to speak to UFOs who are in that major to get a better sense of each program. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these UFOs. They’re here to help!

Below is a video where Dennis Franks goes into detail about the Market America University Majors Program.

Look out for our first Major of the Month this September!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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