Introducing the Online Home Shopping List for You and Your Prospects

Discover new ways to save money, earn higher retail profit, create more BV/IBV and grow your UnFranchise® Business using and sharing the online Home Shopping List

The Home Shopping List — an effective, invaluable tool used for decades — is now conveniently available online for you to personally utilize and easily invite your prospects and teammates to complete for themselves, so they can visualize benefits and opportunities offered with the UnFranchise Business.

Visit > Business > Home Shopping List to learn more and get started today!

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Personally utilize the Home Shopping List
Identify the products you currently buy for your personal and household use, and based on your input, the Home Shopping List shows you the savings and volume (BV/IBV) you could consistently generate for your UnFranchise Business by converting to the company’s exclusive products. For example, you are likely to find 100 BV or more worth of high-quality, exclusive products that you should purchase from yourself.

Why continue to purchase products from other businesses when you can purchase them from your UnFranchise Business? Through smarter shopping — simply transferring your buying habits — you can convert your spending into earning.

Invite your prospects and teammates to complete the Home Shopping List
As your prospects evaluate the UnFranchise Business, the Home Shopping List lets them visualize how they can save money by simply transferring their buying habits; realize how they can generate BV/IBV to satisfy their monthly accrual option; and position themselves for success with the UnFranchise Business.

The fortune is in the follow up: You will be notified once a prospect or teammate you invited completes their Home Shopping List. Follow up with them and schedule time to discuss ways they can effectively leverage the results to support the growth of their UnFranchise Business.

Invite your customers to complete the Home Shopping List
Your customers’ results/recommendations from the Home Shopping List will let you serve them better and build share of customer.

Manage Home Shopping Lists
As an UnFranchise Owner, you now have access to the “Home Shopping List Management” tool to help you track and follow up with prospects and teammates you have invited to complete the Home Shopping List. View a list of the individuals you have invited, see if someone opened their invite, re-send invites as necessary, and view the completion status and results/product recommendations for each individual.

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Attend an Informative Zoom Session With the Corporate Team on March 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET

The Corporate Team presents the new online Home Shopping List and shares important information on how to personally utilize the tool, invite others to complete it for themselves, and follow up to support each of the individuals you invite.

Register now for the upcoming Zoom session on March 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET, hosted by Cullen Haskins, Jason Pelland and Andrew Chee.




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