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3 Tips to Make Isotonix a Daily Habit

One of the biggest hurdles we face is ensuring proper nutrition. Most people don’t maintain the diet their bodies need, which leaves the door open for nutrient inadequacies. Of course, vitamins and supplements are a great fix but only if you remember to take them consistently! To give your health a boost, here are 3 ways to make Isotonix a daily habit.

Pre-Portion Your Isotonix®

We hear about meal prepping constantly, but have you ever considered prepping your vitamins? It’s easy! Just take some time on Sunday to set out 7 small, airtight containers. Next, portion out your daily dose of up to 8 Isotonix® supplements and leave it in a prominent place as a visual reminder. Just remember that not all Isotonix® products can be taken at the same time, so be sure to read your labels!

wellmune for summer

Stash Your Isotonix® Packets

We hurry, we rush, we forget things – it happens! If you end up leaving your pre-prepped mix on the table at home, it sure helps to have a back-up in the car or at work. While you can absolutely buy two bottles of your Isotonix® staples – one for work and one for home – keeping the Isotonix® Daily Essentials Packets on you is another, more convenient option! Even if you aren’t getting your usual morning combination, the Daily Essentials Packets combines four of our most popular supplements into a portable packet so you can cover your bases. Stash them in your purse, gym bag, or at work so they are always conveniently nearby for when you remember.

wellmune for summer

Start Small

You’ve heard this advice before, but how often did you actually follow it? We often get caught up in the “do more” mindset, thinking that we can reach our goals faster if we do a little more now. But changing things too quickly can actually be what leads us to quit! If you’re trying to make Isotonix a daily habit, start small. Pick one product to start taking every day, then stick to it! Over time, once that becomes a habit, add in a second. Then, a third! By making goals smaller and achieving them, we help rewire our brains to want to keep doing what brings success.

wellmune for summer

How do you stay on top of taking your Isotonix® each day?

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn

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