Isotonix® Delivery System: Maximum Results

Maximum absorption equals maximum results. That’s our Isotonix® Delivery System. Maximum absorption is possible due to the isotonic state of our products. Isotonic means a solution having the same pressure as another solution, and in this case, our bodies. The bodies’ osmotic pressure is isotonic, making our Isotonix products a match made in heaven.


Not only is our Isotonix® Delivery System incredibly beneficial to the body, it’s also easy to take. When the powder is mixed with the recommended amount of water, it’s an easy swig and the solution is transported where little nutritive value is lost. With products ranging from digestive support and immune support to joint support and everyday essentials, theres bound to be a product, or two or three, that are just right for you.

Isotonix is referred to as the worlds most advanced nutraceuticals and for good reason. All products are carefully formulated with the most advanced, and scientifically proven, ingredients. But wait, it gets better. They are also made without binders and fillers that are standard in capsule and tablet products. We pride ourselves on our isotonic liquid being: easy to swallow, absorbed rapidly, containing highly concentrated nutrients and providing maximum benefits.

If you’re ready to start your Isotonix journey or try new products, learn more by browsing our informational blogs and visiting our website.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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