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Isotonix dosage cups now available to order

Did you know that you can brand yourself and promote your business at the same time with brand specific gear such as t-shirts, blender bottles and dosage cups?

Market Australia gear features products from Isotonix, Motives, SHOP.COM and TLS. Market Australia gear is a fantastic way to brand yourself as an UnFranchise Owner! Show your pride by wearing a shirt whilst bringing along your Isotonix cup wherever you go!

This brings us to the Isotonix Dosage cup! The Isotonix Dosage cups provide you with a quick and easy way to take all your necessary Isotonix products. Each cup features an Isotonix logo. With one cup, you can both promote and remind the customer of the many products you have to offer, while making their experience with your Isotonix products simple and easy. Simply fill the cup with water to the desired mark for the appropriate number of servings and enjoy!

This product is very important for building the brand, especially as an UnFranchise Owner. It provides easier use of the product while helping your business grow. Remember, the best thing you can do for your business is to promote your business wherever you go. JR and Loren Ridinger always lead by example and wear their Shopping Annuity t-shirts every chance they get, so it is also a good idea that you should too.

So, what are you waiting for? Order some gear today

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Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir

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