Isotonix OPC-3: the Most Powerful Antioxidant Supplement

The Most Powerful Antioxidant Supplement on the Market Today!

Isotonix OPC-3® has been a pillar of Market America’s successful Isotonix® line of Health & Nutrition products for more than 28 years. OPC-3’s numerous health benefits stand out from other antioxidant supplements because of its blend of potent oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which are antioxidants found in many fruits, barks and leaves.

Today, we continue our deep dive of the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM ICON 2023 Main Stage Product Showcase with Isotonix OPC-3, our No. 1 customer favorite that is hailed as “the most powerful antioxidant supplement on the market today.” (Click here to see our blog post about the product showcase!) As the 24th Annual Product Symposium kicks off today, there’s no better time to be educated about our top Health & Nutrition product.

“Don’t leave home without taking OPC-3. I have been using OPC-3 for over 10 years. I start each and every day with it along with the Isotonix Multivitamin. OPC-3 is the best product. It has kept my health in tip-top shape. I’m in my 60s and feel like I’m late 40s. There is no doubt in my mind that this product has preserved my body and health. There is no other product like it!” – Priscilla W

How Isotonix OPC-3 Benefits Consumers

  • Powerful antioxidant prowess: Helps shield cells from oxidative damage and the onslaught of free radicals created in the aging process and other environmental factors.
  • Cardiovascular champion: Aids in maintaining optimal blood flow by encouraging the relaxation of blood vessels.
  • Support for joint health: Its inherent attributes to support blood flow and bring nutrients to tissue can bolster joint comfort and function.
  • Promotes healthy aging: Supports muscles, joints and circulation to the brain, making OPC-3 profoundly beneficial for healthy aging inside and out.

“Fabulous! I won’t be without it. My family and I have taken this product over 26 years. I know the optimal health it has provided for me and my friends and family.” – Russell O

The Science Behind Isotonix OPC-3

To earn its reputation, OPC-3 was created with the best polyphenols — complex organic plant compounds — found in grape seed, skins of red wine grapes, bilberries, Pycnogenol®* from the bark of the French Maritime pine tree, and citrus fruit. This combination of concentrated OPCs is unique to OPC-3, as is the Isotonix delivery system, which enables rapid delivery from the stomach to the small intestine for maximum absorption of the OPCs. In fact, Isotonix OPC-3 is the only isotonic-capable form of Pycnogenol on the market!

Numerous sources, including the National Institute of Health, Nature Journal, BioMed Central’s Nutrition Journal and Oxford, have researched OPCs and their properties, all with the same conclusion: OPCs demonstrate antioxidant capabilities and many other health-promoting qualities.

With innovative products like Isotonix OPC-3, the path to holistic wellness becomes clearer when supplements derived from the best sources in nature are made more easily accessible. If vibrant health is your quest, consider adding this vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO gem to your wellness trove.

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*Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research Ltd.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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