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Jamie Foxx Makes Surprise Visit With UFOs In London

You never know who might show up to an UnFranchise team building event. In this case, you never know what Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning musician might show up to an UnFranchise team building event.

Last night, the legendary Jamie Foxx made a surprise visit to unsuspecting UnFranchise Owners in London. Foxx is currently on a promotional tour for his new movie, Baby Driver, which hits theaters June 28. Foxx was in town for the London premiere, which takes place on June 21, and agreed to speak to the London team about his entrepreneurial stories and experiences.

Jamie Foxx was not the only big name at this meeting. British designer and tailor Ozwald Boateng was also in attendance. The two men behind all of this were Market America’s very own JR Ridinger and Andrew Weissman.


JR and Andrew have been in London the past couple of days working with field leaders such as Lenny Allene to strengthen and build momentum for Market UK. The duo have been overseeing HBPs and UBOs in the area and are excited for the future of the Shopping Annuity in London.


Last night was truly a night that no one will ever forget. Special thanks to Jamie, Ozwald, JR, Andrew, and Lenny for sharing their stories and life lessons. This was a magic moment!

Watch the trailer for Baby Driver here. 

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