Jewellery – The Perfect Christmas Gift

What a whirlwind of a year 2020 has been! We are now in November and Christmas is slowly making its way into our lives. If you haven’t thought about gifts for the special lady in your life, you don’t need to! Jewellery remains one of the most valuable and precious gifts you can give someone that will remain treasured over the years.

Jewellery isn’t just a material item, it can evoke positive emotions and memories. Just think about the ring you have on your finger or the earrings you’re wearing. As soon as you think about that piece of jewellery, you’ll immediately think of the person who gave it to you or the moment you gifted it to yourself!

That’s why we are so excited to have launched timeless jewellery line, Layered at the perfect time! The jewellery industry has remained relatively stable over the past few years, with a market size of four billion Australian dollars in 2020.*

Layered is a line that features sleek designs at an affordable price for the modern, everyday woman. The modern woman is multifaceted, taking on many important roles in the various aspects of her life. Inspired by her own multi-layered life as a busy mom, trendsetter, entrepreneur, and influencer, Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin set out to create a line of jewellery that allows women to create their unique style and celebrate their own beautiful layers.


If you’re still um-ing and ah-ing about a Christmas present, Layered is here for you. Be sure to browse the full collection and impress during the festive season!


Veronica Nguyen

Veronica Nguyen


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