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UFO Spotlight: Recruiting vs. Sponsoring By Jim Winkler

In this UFO Spotlight, Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler discusses recruiting vs. sponsoring in the UnFranchise® Business. There is a big difference between recruiting and sponsoring and Jim sets the record straight on how to differentiate between the two. Read and share Jim’s message below.

UFO Spotlight: Recruiting vs. Sponsoring By Jim Winkler

There is a big difference between recruiting someone into the business and sponsoring someone into the business. Bringing someone in the business — recruiting — is not that hard. Over the years, I have seen many people recruited but very few sponsored. If all you do is recruit someone, then you are dependent on the talent and dedication of that person for your success. Sponsoring and working in depth is what creates large organizations and successful UnFranchise Owners.

Sponsoring someone means that you are not just starting them in the business but that you are going to be mentoring them and working with them. It means setting proper expectations before they even register as a new partner. You are letting them know what it takes to be successful with the UnFranchise Business ahead of time. Are they going to attend the major events, such as International Convention and World Conference? Are they willing to put 8–15 hours per week into their business?

The best place to go through and get commitments from someone is by sitting down and going through the Getting Started Guide with them — really spending time on the first couple of pages initially and then diving deeper into their goals and working on how to achieve them as we continue into the Getting Started Guide on a second appointment. By knowing their goals, you know how much time to spend with them and how much that they want to accomplish with their new business.

Sponsoring someone includes numerous business-building activities, such as setting up a call workshop with them to make appointments to share the products and to share the business, or setting up home meetings for the products and the business. By doing this, you look for the people who they know, and each time you show the business plan or explain the products to the new person, you are building their belief in the business.

Chairman, CEO and Founder JR Ridinger always used to say, “You have to get them in deeper than they can get out.” What he meant by that was that if someone sponsored a couple of people right away, then they were going to have to learn as much as they could as fast as they could so that they could help the new people. They naturally grow if they are focused on helping their own new people. This includes different business-building strategies, such as trial runs, building with the ABC Pattern and working in depth.

Sponsoring someone means that you are going to make sure they have taken their trainings and attended as many events as possible. Sometimes that will mean that you are the person who does the New UnFranchise Owner Training (NUOT) and Basic 5 (B5 Training) with your new person.

As you can see, sponsoring someone is very different than just recruiting someone and hoping that they will succeed. Sponsoring means building a lifetime partnership with someone. It also means that you have done your very best to make sure that they have the highest probability of succeeding in our business.

2019 is here. Sponsor some great new people and build a business together that can pay you for a lifetime. Make 2019 your year!

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