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JR Ridinger: ABC Pattern
On Wednesday evening, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, JR Ridinger continued his weekly training series by teaching the Trial Run and ABC Pattern during the prospecting and qualifying process. JR provides valuable insights, explanations, and coaching. Understanding the information and concepts, putting it to practice, and having fun with the process will improve an UnFranchise® Owner’s ability to attract new business partners. Continue reading for a recap of JR’s incredible session on the ABC Pattern.

To start the discussion for this week, JR shared a few rules and best practices that make the biggest difference in the process. For starters, it’s important to remember that it’s ok when someone doesn’t qualify! It could be a “not right now” rather then a NO. For many people, when they first evaluate the business the timing isn’t right. Often times, these people become your best customers. When they start trying the various products, they will be hooked and want to share them with everyone they know. 50% of UFOs were customers first!

The ABC Pattern relies on following up in order to promote duplication. The ABC Pattern allows UnFranchise Owners to control the result and success of building a group. This all begins when UFOs form a combined team with their senior partner and current teammates. From there, the team should work together to help the newest member of the team to cycle weekly and continue that pattern every time a new teammate is added.

Remember, the ABC Pattern never unfolds perfectly. It might skip a few people and you might hit a few dead ends with potential prospects. This will more than likely happen at one point. However, it’s important to stay focused and motivated as you continue on in your journey. Don’t focus on the people who don’t commit. Move on and find the right people who are passionate and want to change their lives with the UnFranchise Business.

“The difference between success and failure is simple. The individual who succeeds did what the individual who failed did not do.”

JR Ridinger – Special Online Training Education Session – ABC Pattern


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Ashley Purnell

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