JR Ridinger: ABC Pattern Part 2

How many companies can say that their CEO has been supporting and personally training them throughout this challenging time? We can! This week, Founder, Chairman, and CEO JR Ridinger continued his weekly training series by teaching the Trial Run and ABC Pattern (Part 2) during the prospecting and qualifying process.

Understanding the information and concepts, putting it to practice, and having fun with the process will improve an UnFranchise® Owner’s ability to attract new business partners. During this week’s ABC Pattern training, JR explained that it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference during the process. For example, most people mess up by not having a senior business partner do the evaluation approach and meeting with prospects with them. By teaming up with experienced senior partners and the senior partners see those people the UFO or Prospect doing the evaluation approach and who they are leading to as their own people, then they probably will want to jump in and help and add power, believability and credibility to what the newer person is saying. Remember, it’s not about signing people up it’s about making connections, introducing products, starting trial size marketing, and beginning the evaluation approach. People lead to people.

If everyone in a new trial run and ABC patter continues doing JUST 2 EVALUATION APPROACHES per WEEK from the list of 100 they will have done 104 in a year and even the worst of communicators (lacking confidence and credibility) will still end up with 8 or more go now’s in a year – and everyone benefits in the line. However, this is not going to happen at all or even start if they do not even have the list of 100 – they cannot possibly do it.

The biggest lesson throughout JR’s presentation was that it is crucial that everyone does the ABC pattern with a senior partner. We work and build from the bottom up, but we imprint from the TOP DOWN. The ABC Pattern gives you control over your success, growth, progress, and timing. It takes all of the chance out of it as long as it is followed correctly.

If you missed last week’s session, catch up with a recap and video of part 1 HERE before you proceed.

JR Ridinger – Special Online Training/Education Session – ABC Pattern (Part 2)


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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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