JR Ridinger Discusses The Upsides Of Failing With INC.com

“The failures that we all experience in life are what allows us to appreciate our successes.” – JR Ridinger

If there is anyone who knows about failure, it’s JR Ridinger. Before Market America | SHOP.COM became the internet retailing giant that has amassed over $7.6 billion in sales, the company was struggling to find its way over 25 years ago. The Ridinger and Ashley families did not have a lot of resources to build the company. The products were nowhere near the quality they are today. Simply put, they were failing.

However, in order to achieve success, you must learn from your failures. That’s exactly what JR and the team did. No matter how bad it was, they believed in the idea that they were preaching and knew that Market America could change the world. They never lost that belief and 25 years later, that belief is stronger than ever.


Because of JR’s unique journey to success, he sat down with Christina DesMarias of Inc. to discuss the upsides of failure. Inc. focuses on growing companies and entrepreneurs as they interview top CEOs and leaders for advice columns in the business world. JR’s piece is titled “6 Ways Failing Is Necessary For Success.” Use these tips as motivation and as a reminder that the journey to the success can be rocky. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If you have a positive attitude and put in the work, you will see results.

Here’s one of the tips that JR gave in the article.

  1. Failure is an opportunity to learn.

When you fail at something, you’re ultimately left with two choices: You can succumb to your doubts and fears or you can choose to learn from the experience. By choosing to learn, you can transform your failure into an opportunity to reflect and grow at the very least. I always seek to find the positives in a negative situation. It enables me to come out wiser and more adept at overcoming future challenges.

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6 Ways Failing is Necessary for Success

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