JR Ridinger: Evaluation Approach

Last night Chairman, Founder & CEO hosted another incredible training session on Zoom. The weekly training sessions have been a way for the corporate and executive teams to continuously keep in contact with the field as well as hold timely training sessions. Last night, JR discussed the biggest key to building your business: the evaluation approach. Whether you missed the live meeting or simply want to watch it again, continue reading to hear JR Ridinger explain the evaluation approach.
With so many jobs lost and an uncertain future, many people are now looking for answers. We have the solution! Thanks to the power of Zoom, Facetime, and other technologies you can continue to share the business with others and continue the evaluation approach.

During his presentation, JR explained the difference in “recruiting” and the evaluation approach. The evaluation approach and trial run determine if you can bring in a person. If they don’t “pass” this, then that’s ok. It shows that these people are not fit for the business. You can cut them off so you don’t waste any more time. It’s ok! It’s a numbers game. Keep reaching out to people and trying the evaluation approach to see who will qualify for your business.

Listen to JR’s full presentation on the evaluation approach and be sure to share it with your team!

JR Ridinger – Special Online Training/Education Session – Evaluation Approach


If you’ve missed previous Zoom trainings, you can watch them all HERE.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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