Happy Birthday, JR Ridinger!

March 17 is a noteworthy day in Market America. Today marks the birthday of our Founder, Chairman, and CEO, JR Ridinger. On behalf of the entire Market America team, we want to wish JR a very happy and healthy birthday!

Usually JR’s birthday occurs after World Conference, but this year, it’s quite the opposite. The 2021 World Conference starts March 26, which is just over one week away! In honor of JR’s birthday, let’s relive some of JR’s greatest moments at World Conference.


Are you a chicken, a duck, or a goose? UnFranchise Owners still rave about this analogy to this day! JR explained how imprinting is one of the greatest secrets and discoveries in Market America. It explains how to form a strong team, or flock of geese, that’s built to last.

Evaluation Technique Demo

Sometimes, the best way to understand a concept is to see it performed. JR Ridinger demonstrated the Evaluation Technique at MAWC2020 with members of the crowd. The Evaluation Technique was simplified and easier to understand thanks to this demo.

Here’s to making more moments at World Conference next week!

2021 Market America World Conference

Date: March 26-28, 2021

Where: Online

Tickets: Purchase Tickets On UnFranchise.com


The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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