JR Ridinger: Key Training Videos On IBV, Binomial System, And MPCP

At MAIC2018, JR Ridinger shared key training videos that discussed the enhanced IBV plan, 10/20/30 Monthly Accrual Option, MPCP, Downline Placement and Vertical Marketing, the Binary/Binomial Strategy, and the Right Way To Build the UnFranchise.

Now, these videos as well as the powerpoint presentations are available for use by UnFranchise® Owners. These videos are in English, but there are a group of videos available with Chinese subtitles. Use these videos as a reminder of how to build the the UnFranchise Business correctly and how to grow as an entrepreneur with the Shopping Annuity®.

Below is a message from JR Ridinger about the video series as well as links to the videos and powerpoints.

JR Ridinger: Utilizing Key Training Videos to Understand How the Enhanced IBV Plan, Binomial System and MPCP Work Together Synergistically

I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that Knowledge is Power. That’s why Market America puts a great deal of effort into developing crucial training materials that educate, empower and inspire UnFranchise Owners (UFOs) around the world. It’s absolutely critical for UFOs to possess a firm understanding of the policies and principles that guide our business because these concepts lay the foundation for lasting success.

After the Market America | SHOP.COM 2018 International Convention, we shared some extremely important videos and PowerPoint presentations to help explain our Enhanced IBV Planthe 10/20/30 Monthly Accrual Option Criteriathe Principles that Make the MPCP WorkWhat Downline Placement and Vertical Marketing MeansBinary/Binomial Strategy, and the Right Way to Build the UnFranchise.

Understanding these concepts and the reasoning behind them is absolutely critical for UnFranchise Owners — that’s why I’m reminding everyone about the video series which covers this subject matter in great detail. You can click here to access this important video playlist on the Market America YouTube channel; the playlist houses the English versions of these videos plus versions with Traditional Chinese subtitles. (When viewing the videos with Traditional Chinese subtitles, be sure to enable Closed Captioning on YouTube so you can read along).

In addition to the video series, I’ve also included download links below for two PowerPoint presentations that serve as excellent supplemental resources to reinforce the information discussed in the video series. Together, these resources provide you with everything you need to build your UnFranchise Business the right way so you can duplicate success.

Reviewing this material with your team will have a direct impact on your growth as an UnFranchise Owner, not to mention it helps everyone form a better understanding of the concepts and principles which make the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP), the Binomial System, and our new Enhanced IBV Plan so powerful. Reviewing this video series may be exactly what you need to make these concepts really click for you!

PowerPoint Presentations (English): 

PowerPoint Presentations (Traditional Chinese): 

Videos (English):

Video (with Traditional Chinese subtitles):




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