Throwback Thursday: JR Ridinger’s Magic Moments At MAWC2021

Who misses World Conference? If you’re like us, we can’t stop reliving the joy and thrills of MAWC2021. Thankfully, we can revisit these magic moments on social media!

One of our favorite aspects of MAWC2021 are JR Ridinger’s presentations. JR’s lectures and demonstrations are full of helpful business tips and useful motivational advice. JR’s energy and passion for the UnFranchise Business is infectious. It’s inspiring to witness!

JR shared so many memorable lines and nuggets of information during his speeches. We compiled some of our favorite magic moments from JR at MAWC2021.

Experiential Learning

JR believes in the power of experiential learning, or the process of learning through experience. Experiencing tasks or events helps form your beliefs, thought process, and opinions. You can apply experiential learning to the UnFranchise Business. The only way to improve in the Basic 5 is to go out and do it. It’s about trial and error. Make the calls, qualify, evaluate, and learn.

The Blueprint

What is the blueprint to success? In Market America, JR feels that the UnFranchise Business is the blueprint to success because of people power. According to JR, “People power is the most powerful thing in the world.” Market America is powered by people!

Making The Impossible, Possible

There are tasks that once seemed impossible. Between climbing Mt. Everest and running a four-minute mile, no one thought such great feats could ever be achieved until it finally happened. Now, thousands of people have climbed Mt. Everest or ran a four-minute people. We can’t be weighed down by the limits we form in our mind. Make the impossible, possible.

Desire And Belief

In simplest terms, achieving goals comes down to desire and belief. Do you have the desire to complete your mission? Do you believe you can succeed? JR believes desire, belief, and saying “yes” can be the difference between success and failure.

What were your favorite JR moments from MAWC2021? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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The Shopping Annuity


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