JR’s Reflections On 25 Years Of Success Garners Positive Reviews

Throughout the past couple of weeks, Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger has released his reflections on 25 years of success and the future of the UnFranchise Business. Since then, reviews have begun to roll in and the overall reaction has been nothing but positive.

With the upcoming 2017 Market America International Convention, just like JR, UFOs everywhere have been sharing their thoughts about what 25 years of entrepreneurial success. Some UFOs like Elizabeth Weber have been in this business since the very beginning while others have joined as recently as this year. No matter when you joined, everyone is going to have their own opinion on Market America | SHOP.COM turning 25.

One UFO who reached out to JR about his reflections was Ryan Stack. Ryan is an inspiring and dedicated UFO who has an immense passion for the Shopping Annuity and the UnFranchise Business. After watching the series of 8 videos and presentations from JR, Ryan sent in his thoughts about JR’s reflections as well as what this business truly means to him and his family.


Take a minute to read this inspiring message below.

Ryan Stack’s Message To JR Ridinger


Understanding where we came from, where we are today and most importantly – the bright future we have in front of us as we build into the next 25 years – THANK YOU and we all appreciate the series of 8 videos/presentations you’ve sent out.  As we’ve continued building personally I’ve grown to respect and admire the brilliance of what you created and the opportunity we all have. One of the top video series I recommend all UFO’s to watch is the UnFranchise manifesto you did years back. However, this new series is a perfect addition and update to that! It’s so important to know where we came from, why we do things the UnFranchise way and the opportunity we have if we all take action – and the timing couldn’t be better.

The past two years have been special to Sarah Rose and myself. To me, when the shopping annuity was “systemized” and kicked off as a new addition to the MPCP, it made the focus of the business and the process of building both simple and profitable. Using the tools available over the last 2 years, we’ve witnessed out team members doing in months what took us years to accomplish – that’s powerful! The shopping annuity allows UFOs to get a margin on every dollar they spend while adding to the core concepts in the basic 5. As a result, it allows UFOs to create more volume without spending more, allows them to use more products which leads to retailing more and recruiting is now a no-brainer – because it naturally comes up in conversation.  

I appreciate, admire and have the utmost for everyone that had a part in bringing this company to life – evolving it over time – inspiring and helping others to be a part of it and grow and to bring us to where we are today. Today marks the beginning of what I know will be the launchpad to your vision coming to life.  The next 25 years and beyond will be the most profitable and fruitful years in company history. Just look at the timing of the shopping annuity and the UnFranchise merging where the world is moving:  1. Traditional Retailing is down and store collapse is the result (job loss, empty real estate) 2. Billions being spent digitally as a result (3 billion spent on black Friday and 3.4 billion spent on cyber Monday in 2016) 3. Ad dollar on the move – companies brand recognition is declining bc peoples attention is on social media and now it’s bringing back one to one marketing with social media! This is exactly what we have already set up to capitalize on – we are the advertiser and we have the tracking system to capture it 4. Entrepreneurship is on a rise and in my view is becoming the new way families will be “earning a living.” Name 1 other system that captures all this in one platform for the masses to leverage each other and help each other be successful?! 

One other huge point – I believe we are about 5 – 10 years ahead of where the world is going. The diagram you made that shows the system of retail stores and all the expense in that chain followed by ecommerce and the UnFranchise on the right – you need to add one important part to it. We all know the left side is store distribution chain is collapsing and moving to the middle model of ecommerce. BUT – commerce will experience what stores are experiencing now in the next 5 to 10 years. Why? Because if all stores are shutting down and moving to online but sell the same things – then they know people have no loyalty and they will have to always offer the best price. Eventually the margins will get so low that very few will be able to stay afloat and just like the stores shutting down – they’ll have the same issue. We are doing TODAY what stores will have to learn to do – create massive online sales volume WHILE BUILDING LASTING LOYALTY. I’ve done numerous locals and I always ask the room – how many people have been in a store – realized they should buy on SHOP.COM and have put the item back and went on their SHOP.COM app and bought it instead to make sure they got BV / IBV for it – and literally the entire room raises their hand. See the magic is in collective buying that gives a margin to the buyer and gives incentives to the owners to support the same system. We have massive volume with UNSHAKABLE loyalty – that is the new way and we’re the only platform doing it – which is why it’s time to move and pioneer this concept!

We have the most incredible opportunity at our fingertips. We all have to realize there is a opportunity to do something as big as apple did – right here with SHOP.COM. The future is teaching the foundation of the basic 5 merged with technology and the speed of social media to build faster than ever in our 25 year history. Sarah Rose and I are all in. I feel beyond blessed to be with the right company, at the most perfect time in history, with the best team in the world. I can’t wait to see what we all do together over the next 25 years!  

Thank you JR and Loren, the entire corporate team that works so hard 24/7, my entire team and to all UFO’s – 

Cheers on changing the world together, 

Ryan Stack

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